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Post by: trangtrang | 10/05/2022 | 291 reads

In the afternoon of 4th May 2022, the final round of Ams’ Got Talent Season 14 - Retrovision officially took place at the 700 Hall, Hanoi – Amsterdam High School for the Gifted. Through the preliminary round, the nine best performances made full success and impression in the final round. With hundreds of students, teachers, guests, and media outlets participating, the 14th season of Ams' Got Talent (AGT) will be filled with unforgettable, memorable moments, and emotions!

Ams' Got Talent (also known as AGT) is an annual event held by class 11 English 1 of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted. AGT was first held in 2008 with the aim of discovering and developing talent in the school. After 13 successful seasons, Ams' Got Talent returned with a promising 14th season; under the theme of "Retrovision" (a mixture of modern technology amd nostalgic aesthetic taste; a time capsule where individuals build and retain their hard-to-fade memories), AGT 14 continued to succeed the achievements of their predecessors, bringing on a stage flaring up with the flame of passion from youth talents, giving participants free will to show themselves, and interacting with people who share the same desire.

Accompanying the contest, as well as the nine performances in the Final Round, the respectable jury team is not to be missed. This year, the jury, with the presence of Miss Phung Bao Ngoc Van, director Chu Anh Nguyet, dancer Mai Tinh Vi and singer Hung Min, will definitely bring quality and enthusiastic suggestions to the contestants, as well as laughter for the audience present at the 700 Hall.

Two MCs who led the show.

Miss Phung Bao Ngoc Van

Dancer Maitinhvi.

Opening the final round was the attractive performance of the girl Tran Hoang Tue Chi through a sweet and inspirational folk song. Tue Chi has been very successful in conveying the nation's traditional folk songs to readers, from the melodious song's melody, with deep bass notes. Although there was still some tension when performing, but fortunately, the performance was still successful and ended in the applause and encouragement of the audience.

Sweet folk melodies through the first performance of Tue Chi.

The program was followed by a unique combination between modern and traditional musical instruments of the Cam Ca Club. The performance received an enthusiastic response from the audience, because of the profound message that the team wanted to send to the audience about the meaning of passing on and preserving the national cultural identity and traditions.

Cam Ca with an attractive folk instrument performance.

The third performance, which is also the only dramatic performance participating in this year's Final Round, came from the group "Life’s so drama" from Life's So Drama Club. With a short play inspired by the short story "The Cop and the Anthem" by writer O. Henry, which contained many profound messages, LSD told about secret sounds from hidden corners of life, about people of low social status but were treated badly and unfairly in the contemporary society. Soppie's mournful scream at the end of the play is like a direct psychological blow to the emotions of the audience, leaving behind many painful and painful emotions. The performance received praise from judge Maitinhvi for its "real" and very emotional acting of many characters in the play, and at the same time made the audience present at the final shed many tears.

The play "The Cop and the Anthem"

The 4th performance continued to bring a vibrant, powerful atmosphere and never before has the audience been so hot with rock tunes from group “BUONG”. Throughout the performance were conflicts in society and inner turmoil of the people, witth all emotions were pushed to a climax through the powerful vocals of BUONG. This rock-rich performance made the stage more lively than ever.

“Exciting” and “powerful” are words that describe BUONG's performance.

Following the boom of BUONG, the 5th performance must have also made the audience more vibrant and lively with modern dance and the confident and steady movements of the young girl Nguyen Ngoc Phuong Thu. Despite being one of the most "immature" contestants in the AGT final, Nguyen Ngoc Phuong Thu's performance was not dull; in fact, it even gave viewers an abundant and powerful energy source, as if they wanted to stand up and dance with her.

Nguyen Ngoc Phuong Thu's confident dance moves

The next performance was an excellent combination of Xam singing and ethnic musical instruments by young Amser Dinh Linh Dan. Although she is the youngest contestant, Linh Dan's performance is not faint at all; it even received many compliments from the judges and the audience.

Young and talented Amser Dinh Linh Dan

Next was a performance full of enthusiasm of youth and fire, carrying the message of how to live freely, the diversity in each level of human emotions, the fact that everyone hides in them a "genius", a very personal identity, so be free to confidently express that style, despite the disapproving eyes of people - a modern dance performance from "Butterfly Wings". The extremely professional, confident and attractive demeanor of the members of Butterfly Wings made Singer Hung Min express that: "This performance deserves to be brought to bigger and more professional competitions!”

“Butterfly Wings” with confident and professional dance steps

Quickly "burning up" the hall atmosphere with a majestic and vibrant appearance, Cheer Ams delivered an explosive performance with enthusiasm, professional skills, cheerful and youthful melodies, thereby igniting the fire of abundant youth and enthusiasm on the big stage. The performance received special compliments from the judges: "I have no comment on this performance" (Dancer Maitinhvi)

Cheer Ams

At the end of the 8th performance, during a few minutes of break, Hall 700 became "shocked" by the Dance battle challenge of judge Maitinhvi; the Amsers were all confident, asserting their own style, making the minutes before the last act in the auditorium not boring at all.

The break was stirred up by a fun game from judge Maitinhvi

As the closing performance of Ams' Got Talent XIV, HAMAC stirred up the hall with an interesting, engaging and highly entertaining martial arts performance with the theme of 1970s martial arts movies. The show brought laughter and joy to the entire audience, closing the final round successfully.

Martial arts reunion through HAMAC performance

Finally, the XIV Ams' Got Talent Final Round ended with the announcement of the TOP 6 talented finalists:

1. Butterfly wings

2. Cheer Ams


4. Life’s So Drama


6. Dinh Linh Dan

The 14th Ams' Got Talent finalist brought the audience through many different emotions, from emotion to laughter and joy. Ams Wide Web would like to congratulate the groups of candidates for successfully completing their performances as well as thank class 11 English 1 2023 - AGT14 Organizing Committee for the thoughtful and elaborate preparation through each performance. Let's look forward to the ball night, summary and award announcement of Ams' Got Talent Season 14: Retrovision, will be held as soon as possible!

Writing Reporter: Vu Phuong Anh - Literature 2124

Photographer: Nguyen Thuy Chi - Oxford 2023

Translator: Ngo Vu Ngan Ha - Russian 2124