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Commending 91 exemplary Youth Union faces of the Capital 2021

Post by: trangtrang | 24/03/2022 | 1038 reads

In the HCYU’s 91st founding anniversary program, Hanoi Municipal HCYU commended 91 exemplary Union faces of the year 2021. These were all bright students with community service and volunteer contributions.

In the afternoon of 24.3, Hanoi Municipal HCYU carried out the HCYU’s 91st founding anniversary program and commended the bright faces of the capital’s Youth Union. The program featured mr. Phạm Tất Thắng, Central Committees Commissioner, Vice Chairman of Central Civil Service; ms. Nguyễn Thị Tuyến, Central Committee’s Member, Hanoi Municipal Committee’s Vice Secretary, Central Committee’s Secretary.

Hà Nội tuyên dương 91 cán bộ Đoàn tiêu biểu năm 2021 - ảnh 1

The bright faces of the Youth Union commended

Special hallmarks

During her ceremonial speeches, ms. Chu Hồng Minh, Hanoi Municipal HCYU’s Secretary, said that HCYU at all levels had hosted large meetings in 2022, with cadres, members and youths of the capital fervently competing for achievements to greet the 16th Municipal HCYU’s Meeting and the 12th Nationwide HCYU’s Meeting.

During the past months, Hanoi Municipal HCYU has spearheaded and held political discussions within the Unions with the “Firm belief - Proud advance” theme leading up to the 92th founding anniversary of the Union; the “Aspire to give, desire to live” forum celebrating the 91 founding years of the Union; frequently posting daily good news, weekly good stories on social media platforms; enacting intuitive propaganda drafts and media publications to celebrate the 91 founding years of the Union...

Hà Nội tuyên dương 91 cán bộ Đoàn tiêu biểu năm 2021 - ảnh 2

Ms. Chu Hồng Minh spoke at the ceremony

Numerous Unions at all levels have organized a host of programs, activities to create a supportive and encouraging environment for their members and young people to continue the spirit of trail-blazers, volunteers and creators in economic, social and defense development.

“Celebrating its 91th founding anniversary, Hanoi Municipal HCYU reaffirms its unshakeable belief in the Hanoi Municipal Party Board, maintaining its own roles and responsibilities. With continuous efforts from 5 administrative units, 106 affiliated Party headquarters; 1635 Party core boards, nearly 24000 union branches and 700000 members made their special marks in operation with breakthroughs in all fields, bringing pride to Hanoi Municipal HCYU as a long-standing all-rounded unit in the Party’s activities and nationwide youth movements”, said ms. Minh.

According to ms. Minh, a new journey for the capital’s youths and Youth Union awaits with a host of new opportunities, as well as various challenges. With absolute loyalty to the Party, the people, and a spirit willing to devote with all of its youthful might, wits and creativity, Hanoi Municipal HCYU never rests in its relentless pursuit for renovation of its mission and working methods, success in education for a patriotic, self-sufficient generation of the capital’s youths; determination in its ideology of nationalism and socialism; ideals catered to the revolutions; creation of a society of lawful, civilized and responsible citizens for the community…

The silent contributors

At the program, Hanoi Municipal HCYU sent praises to the 91 exemplary Union cadres of 2021, in which there were 25 school-level HCYU cadres, 38 local HCYU cadres, 11 military HCYU cadres and 17 workers’ HCYU cadres.

School-level Union Cadres received Certificate of Merit

Mrs. Phan Hồng Anh - Hanoi - Amsterdam High School HCYU’s Secretary received the Certificate of Merit for exemplary Capital’s Union Cadres at the ceremony

In her speech, ms. Nguyễn Thị Tuyến had high regards for the activities and movements from Hanoi’s Youth Union and complimented the 91 commended Union cadres.

“They are the core union cadres, a persuasive and affirmative evidence of their own leadership and exemplariness in their respective tasks, initiating effective, applicable and practical ideas and suggestions for Union - Association activities.

I express my wish and belief in your continuation of the spirit as trail-blazers, volunteers, creators and contributors to a variety of our social life’s aspects, helping make Hanoi a “green, civilized, literary, modern” city and build a “prosperous, happy” country, said ms. Tuyến.

Hanoi’s leaders commending 91 exemplary Hanoi Municipal HCYU’s cadres of 2021

The committee added that these Union cadres were congratulated as beautiful flowers in the fragrant garden of youth; they were bright examples of academic and volunteer excellence, devotion to the community and youths’ activities by their respective unions and associations; enthusiastic, model citizens and workers; as well as silent contributors to the Union’s development and the youths’ future.