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Trần Phương Hoa – A typical Amser

Post by: Mai Thành Sơn | 01/04/2012 | 6258 reads

Trần Phương Hoa – A typical Amser

I had an appointment with Hoa on a Wednesday afternoon at Summit Education, an organization so-called “the spiritual child” of her and her husband, Mr. Myo Min. She wore simpler than I thought, pretty comfortable with a white jacket, jeans and a purple silk scarf. I found it rather surprising that someone successful like her could look so friendly and approachable. Mrs. Hoa zealously shared her high-school memories, past examinations, and how she has attained notable success up to now. She used to study at a suburban primary school (a village school according to Hoa’s description). When she was in grade 3, her parents sent her to Trung Vuong Primary School to have a better study environment. In grade 6, she passed an exam to both an English & Literature specialized class at Trung Vuong Secondary School. In grade 7, she asked her parents to take the entrance exam into HN-Amsterdam and quickly became one of the only two students additionally admitted into A1. Having just begun to study English since grade 5, she expressed her brilliant ability for foreign language when she gradually made far progress and won the First Prize in the National English Contest in grade 9, a ticket for her to be directly accepted to 10A1 at Ams. Not stopping here, she continued to study tirelessly hard and then an opportunity to the prestigious Middlebury College (top 5 Liberal Arts Universities) was opened up, though there were just a few Vietnamese students attending prestigious American Universities.

                                                       us uni

 A parorama of Middlebury College, America.

There, she met Myo Min, her husband at the moment. After having graduated and worked in the US for a while, Mrs. Hoa returned to Viet Nam and was invited to work at the Institute of International Education, IIE as the first Vietnamese educational counselor of this famous educational organization in Hanoi. In less than 5 years after graduating, she had vast experiences in the field of counseling and PR-marketing with several Vietnamese and foreign companies and was the youngest manager of the company! In the end of 2009, when she was nearly 27 years old, Mrs. Hoa became the CEO of and a vice-director on marketing at TMĐT Peacesoft (the owner of In the middle of 2010, she decided to pursue her interest in education and business and together with her husband, Mr. Myo, founded Summit Education Services – a very familiar name to Amsterdam students having interests in studying in the US.


Mrs. Hoa and Mr. Myo Min

Within the span of a cozy talk lasting over an hour, she share a lot about Ams and her life in America with me. She wanted to help Amsers fulfill their dreams about studying in Amerca by her own knowledge and experience. Within less than 2 years, Summit helped a lot of students gain nearly maximum points at TOEFL and SAT and receive high scholarships from top 20 American Universities like Dartmouth, Emory, Washington & Lee, Smith, Grinnell, Colgate, Bryn Mawr… Many people claim that a successful woman is usually not beautiful but I don’t think so about her, she looks like a belle more than a nerd. Intelligence, agility and attraction are what you can see about her at the first meeting. Besides her success in career, Mrs. Hoa is also well-known for her contribution to students’ community and charity. With more than 50% of Summit’s students are Amsers and especially many of them are organizers of the school’s big events, Mrs. Hoa become a donor of many events such as “Ngày hội anh tài”, “Ams’ Got Talent”, “Ams Television”,… Many other events also got supports from her like “VietAbroader Conference”, “USGuide – You Can Do It,” “CNN Idol,” “Tự tin nghề Marketing” (FTU), “Chào khóa mới” (ĐH Ngoại Giao), “Mâm cỗ yêu thương” (VPV)…


Mrs. Hoa (pink shirt) and students at Summit Education Services.

A few information about her:

Trần Phương Hoa Class A1 (1995 - 2001)

Won First Prize in the National English Contest in grade 9 (1998)

Graduated from Middlebury College, America (2005)

Scores in standard examination: TOEFL 630 (2001) and GMAT 730 (top 3% in the world, Verbal: 42)

CEO of Summit Education Services.

Translator: Kieu Thuy An - A2 11-14