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[NHAT'23] MOST WANTED CLASS: The Russian Major's Road to the Precious Trophy

Post by: webams | 12/11/2023 | 268 reads

On the 27th October 2023, the Grand Finale of Ngay Hoi Anh Tai (NHAT) was organized, with the participation of a large number of students, parents and teachers in the school. The organisers of NHAT had found the worthy owner of the Most Wanted Class trophy: the Russian specialised major. Let's explore he Russian major’s journey to the peak of glory with Ams Wide Web!

At the Flag Festival, the Russian specialised major heartily rejoiced in the atmosphere alongside the other 12 majors, loudly chanting their own slogan ‘Ngabaka’ and expressing with full enthusiasm their distinctive spirit. Coming to Crowd Dance, freshman students from all specialised majors came together to create an extremely impressive and unique dance performance. It can be seen that the members of the Russian specialised majors had practised with especial diligence, earning excellent scores for themselves.

The thirteen shades of the majors' flags

On Volunteering Day, despite the rocky start due to a dip in membership compared to other years, the Russian specialised major strived to collect enough storybooks as well as waste paper during the last days. Owing to the efforts of each individual, they once again achieved a perfect score.

Russian majors checking in for the Sports Festival!

At the sports festival, the Russian major’s tournament table was considered the ‘table of death’: they were pitted against the majors of Math, Computer Science, and History. However, the Russian major’s spirit did not dampen at all in the face of this daunting prospect; everyone strived to practise harder and improve their own performance continuously. On D-1, the main players stayed until 7pm at the soccer field, even using flashlights when the sky turned dark so their throws would not miss. In the end, although the Russian major did not win the tournament, they had achieved a reasonably high score. Despite regrets, this event remains a great stepping stone and a source of motivation for the students to try their best on the events of Finale night, with the Majors' Camp and Specialized Majors’ Talent Show categories

“C’mon, time’s running out!”

The NHAT Finale night happened early in the year. Because of this, all specialized majors had to rush their preparation for the camp and the specialized class's talent show at the same time. The Russian major, in particular, had barely 2 weeks for their preparation. However, the number of participants seemingly posed little problem, as their camp had left a striking impression on the judges, who ranked it among the Top 3.

The Russian major’s distinctive camp

The Russian major’s talent show performance visualized a letter written during the construction of the Hòa Bình hydroelectric plant--the Vietnamese people’s endeavour of the century, accomplished with the assistance of Soviet engineers. In addition, the performance also depicted the building of the plant with joy and hope abound, in an effort to convey the immense gratitude for the contributions and sacrifices of the labourers and young workers who brought electricity to Vietnam.

An extraordinary performance from the Russian specialised major

Moreover, the Russian major also boasts the presence of its Ambassador, Nguyen Mai Vy, among this year’s Top 10. Regarding academic ability, Mai Vy demonstrated her impressive language skills through her many accolades: admission to the Young Writers Association of Iowa 2023 (Iowa Young Writers' Studio 2023) of Iowa University (#2 Writing US), entrance into the national round of WILLKOMMEN International Language Exam 2022-2023, CEO International English Olympiad Excellence Award 2022-2023, Award of Honourable Mention of the Teeneagle International English Olympiad 2023, First Prize in the District-level HSG team selection exam for the 2021-2022 school year. Not to mention, she also participates in many volunteering activities. With her talent and efforts, Mai Vy had achieved the title of "Dynamic Ambassador", consolidating her major’s rightful victory.

Nguyễn Mai Vy - Dynamic Ambassador

Thanks to the energy and efforts of every single member, the Russian specialised major won the precious trophy - this year's Most Wanted Class championship. The journey had brought much sweat, tears, joy and happiness. The victory of the Russian major not only left a deep impression in everyone's hearts but also validated the major’s status as well as their sustained effort. 

Bùi Ngọc Minh Anh - Representative of the Russian specialised major - receiving the award.

Most Wanted Class - the Russian major

Ams Wide Web would like to congratulate the Russian specialised major on achieving the prestigious Most Wanted Class title this year. Another NHAT season had ended with great success, paving the way for the next journey. On behalf of the Editorial Board, we hope that the NHAT organisers and the 13 Specialized Majors will continue to strive tirelessly for their own memorable moments in future NHAT seasons!

Author: Nguyễn Trần Nguyên Hà - Literature (‘22-’25)

Interpreter: Dương Minh Uyên - English (‘23-’26)

Images: Self-provided

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