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Students of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted honored to have welcomed Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte

Post by: webams | 11/11/2023 | 234 reads

On the afternoon of November 2nd, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte visited Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, a school that is extremely significant to the relations between Vietnam and the Netherlands. With joy, Amsers prepared performances and many interesting activities, fostering a close and intimate atmosphere between students and the Prime Minister.

Earlier in the day, the students had already lined up, holding tulips—the symbol of the Netherlands—alongside conical hats to welcome Prime Minister Mark Rutte to the school. The leader smiled, gracefully received the fresh bouquets of flowers, and sent greetings to the Vietnamese people in general as well as Amsers in particular. Entering the school, Mr. Mark Rutte had the opportunity to go through the club exhibition created by the students themselves, which aimed to promote the unique and admirable extracurricular activities traditions of the school.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte with Principal Tran Thuy Duong—Principal of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted

The students welcoming the Prime Minister with colorful tulips

PM Rutte visiting the clubs' display booths

The biggest rounds of applause were dedicated to Prime Minister Mark Rutte as he entered auditorium 200,  where hundreds of students and teachers were waiting. During the meet-and-greet, Amsers had the opportunity to voice their questions and concerns regarding contemporary issues towards the Prime Minister, in order to deepen their understanding regarding the friendly relationship between Vietnam and the Netherlands. The talented leader answered each question with passion, wit and respect.

A very loving welcome performance from Amsers

Hostess Khanh Vy started the meet-and-greet with the Dutch leader

Amser confidently asking questions

Advising the students on their career orientation and life choices, Prime Minister Mark Rutte shared that students should follow their hearts while also paying attention to where their talents lie. In addition, a video compiling Mr. Mark Rutte's amusing daily moments from the program's organizers was broadcast afterward. This unique welcome immediately lightened the atmosphere.

Everyone attentively listening to the Prime Minister's advice

The special gift was prepared with love and respect

Although the meet-and-greet only lasted for just over an hour, the PM's heartfelt thoughts and advice left a big impression on the students, especially regarding the leader's friendliness and "cute-o-meter". At the end of the conversation, Mr. Mark Rutte thanked the energy and youthful enthusiasm of the students and teachers of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, as he took selfies alongside them to remember the session.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte taking a selfie with Amsers

Before leaving, Prime Minister Mark Rutte painted a mural with the students. The painting, placed right at the front of AB hall, commemorated the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and the Netherlands, stylized images of lotuses and tulips, courtesy of Amsers' creativity and imagination.

After the exchange, Mr. Mark Rutte and the students painted a mural

With great enthusiasm and youthful energy, the students and teachers of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted have shown their very own "Ams quality" to international friends, promoting the image of Vietnam as a friendly and welcoming country to the world. Hopefully, the diplomatic relationship between Vietnam and the Netherlands will increasingly strengthen, benefitting both communities in the future!

Author: Nguyễn Việt Bảo Linh - Literature ('22 - '25)

Translator: Phan Khánh An - English ('22 - '25)

Images: Ministry of Foreign Affairs