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The History and Development of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted (1985 - 2010)

 During the turbulent days of 1972, Hanoi was seriously damaged by B52, and the citizens of Amsterdam (Netherlands) were so concerned about the city that they wanted to do something to show their support of the indomitable Vietnamese. The mayor of Amsterdam, Dr. Samkaden zealously encouraged Amsterdam's residents to donate the money with a view to presenting Hanoi with a well-equipped high school after the Victory Day. The result of that philanthropic and munificent is a newly- born Hanoi - Amsterdam, School for the gifted.

For the last 25 years, the students of Hanoi - Amsterdam high school have gained incredible achievements:

- 81 students participated in the international-scale competitions for talented students which took place in Cuba, Germany, Russia, Australia, Austria, Bungari, China, Netherlands, Norway, Ukraina, Canada, Argentina, Turmenistan, Ireland, Asia Pacific and won 77 Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals.

- Our students have won over 1000 First, Second and Third Prizes in the national competitions and over 3500 prizes in the city competitions for gifted ones.

- 95 percent of the students pass the entrance university examination, many of whom are admitted into top national universities. A lot of students have been awarded with scholarships by the world-renowned universities in Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Australia...

- Students at Hanoi - Amsterdam high school not only possess a solid background of knowledge but also excel at social and cultural activities with a great number of awards and medals on both national and international scale.

- Many of the school’s alumni have become professors, doctors, businessmen and philanthropists, devoting their talents to the development of the nation.

In the last 25 years, Hanoi - Amsterdam High School's teaching crew have also earned remarkable achievements:

- 7 teachers were nominated as 'Proficient educator,' the prestigious award for outstanding teachers.
- Several teachers are the authors of highly assessed titles, as well as the leaders of inventive projects. Many of them were invited to join educational programmes by the VN Broadcasting Corporation, earning respects and love from students all over the country. 
- 30% of the teaching crew are now MDs or PhDs. Most of them did spend time researching and improving teaching skills in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, France...
- Annually, the crew win high prizes in the city's competition for excellent teachers.

Hanoi - Amsterdam High School frequently shares the experience and techniques with other specialised high schools. We also set relations with many high schools, colleges and universities all over the world: INSA (France), University of Connecticut (the U.S.), Bellereys Colleges (Australia), Nam Ninh University (China), or Nayang High School (Korea)...

The school was given the great honour to welcome the President of Ministers, Mr. Pham Van Dong; the Supreme Commander, Mr. Vo Nguyen Giap; the Prime Minister, Mr. Phan Van Khai; the President Nguyen Minh Triet... and many other honourable guests.

With a lot of high achievements so far, Hanoi - Amsterdam High School For the Gifted has been honoured by the Government and the Communist Party of Vietnam:  

- Labor Medal Rank 3 (1995)

- Labor Medal Rank 2 (2000)

- Units awarded the Hero (2000)

- School Recognized as National Standard (2004)

- Labor Medal First Class (2005)

Being established and developed during the renovation of the country, for nearly 25 years, Hanoi - Amsterdam specialised high school has created itself a right direction to become the key specialised high school of the nation with international - standard quality!