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An Exciting Experience in GART Workshop 2023

Post by: webams | 25/10/2023 | 240 reads

Taking place in the evenings of October 17th and 18th, the workshop organised by GreenAms 6520 Robotics Team attracted a large number of students with a passion for the design, construction and application of mechanical robots.

An annual activity by the GART club (the first and only club in Hanoi-Amsterdam to have ever participated in the international FIRST Robotics Competition), GART Workshop was organised with the aim to further promote the club’s public image, in addition to providing a more detailed and focused insight into the activities within specific departments of this club. In doing so, GART hopes to inspire a passion for robotics in fellow Amsers.

The organisers enthusiastically giving instructions and answering questions.

The event consisted of 4 main activities. It can be said that this year’s event has enjoyed the utmost success of creating a sense of unending exhilaration among the participants. Coming to GART Workshop 2023, the students couldn’t contain their excitement upon seeing the club’s lab for the first time with their own eyes. What made it even more special was that not only did they get a tour, they could also experience using the equipment firsthand under the enthusiastic guidance of the organisers.

Participating students being instructed on how to use the equipment professionally

Furthermore, in the spirit of spreading the love of robotics, the workshop set up a special area for Q&As regarding the work and tasks of each department of the club, such as “Mechanics - Design”, “Programming - Electronics”...With open communication from both organisers and participants, the atmosphere soon became effervescent as the students confidently raised questions in the hope of discovering more about this subject.

Organisers and participants enthusiastically interacting

Moreover, the workshop’s exhibition area, with its multitude of trophies and medals in pride of place, also left a striking impression on all participants. Having witnessed the club’s path of continual growth and development, the students couldn’t help their increasing admiration for members of the GART club - people who are always enthusiastically and diligently conquering the challenging field of mechanics and robotics. 

The most special feature of this year's event probably lies in the practical experience activities. Here, organisers instructed everyone on using some of the equipment for various small activities, such as assembling a simple robot model. Last but not least, the activity causing the most excitement and curiosity was creating and steering real robots themselves. According to some students, this activity “felt like driving a real car.”

Participants getting excited upon getting to control the robot firsthand

The organisers giving attentive, dedicated, and enthusiastic instructions

“Throughout the experience, you’ll get to use handsaws, drive robots, connect electric wires,...and these things are one of a kind for Amsers. Most importantly, the event is open to everyone who is interested, who follows and wants to learn more about GART6520 in the near future. This is part of the process of realising the spirit of FIRST (an annual robotics competition with a long history - interviewer), which includes spreading and applying the knowledge we have learned." - shared Nguyen Minh Quang, student of class 11 Cambridge- Head of the Organising Committee of GART Workshop 2023.

An unforgettable experience - sawing and cutting by yourself

After two days of organising the event, GART Workshop 2023 was a great success, as it promoted the club’s dynamic and highly professional image, sparking a passion for science and technology for students while they are still in school.

Author: Phạm Hoàng Hải Anh - Literature ('21 - '24)

Images: Provided by the organisers

Interpreter: Dương Minh Uyên - English 1 (‘23 - '26)


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