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[NHAT'23] Ams Ambassador 2023: Nguyen Kieu Anh and her desire to contribute to the community

Post by: webams | 03/11/2023 | 249 reads

The Ams Ambassador contest is one among a series of vital events leading up to the Finale of Ngay Hoi Anh Tai, a playground where an esteemed candidate would be chosen to represent a generation of elite Amsers among the faces of immeasurably talented ambassadors. Following many arduous and challenging competition rounds, it was Nguyen Kieu Anh (Class 11 History) who was bestowed with the highly coveted title of Head Ambassador during the finale of Ngay Hoi Anh Tai 2023 on October 27th. Let us follow the crew of Ams Wide Web and hear what the new General Ambassador Nguyen Kieu Anh has to share, in order to discover more about her journey towards the esteemed title of Ams Ambassador.

Interviewer: Greetings Kieu Anh, I would like to start off by congratulating you on being crowned Ams Ambassador of 2023, as well as offering my gratitude for your willingness to sit down for an interview with Ams Wide Web. We’re all quite well aware that Ams Ambassador is no walk in the park, yet what is the force that drove you to participate in this competition?

Kieu Anh: Thank you and Ams Wide Web for giving me the opportunity to talk about the competition. First and foremost, I joined the competition in hopes of acquiring more learning experiences. During my research on the Ams Ambassador competition of former years, I’ve found it to be rather meaningful, for not only were the competing ambassadors exposed to many forms of artistry, but they were also able to meet different types of students from all 13 specialized majors, every one of whom vivacious and accomplished. Furthermore, it would also be an excellent chance for me to gain a better understanding of my own person, cultivate and improve my skill set, and gather many valuable lessons; that was why I wanted to test myself. I thought that if I were so lucky as to obtain such a prestigious title, I would have a better chance of contributing more to the community, helping to spread the most important core values to people of my generation. It made me all the more determined to participate. 

Nguyen Kieu Anh, elegant like a lotus flower in her Ambassador’s album

Interviewer: I note that this year’s NHAT took place much sooner than the others, which meant there was considerably less time for preparations. Was there any remarkable memories during your journey to the General Ambassador title, under such pressure? 

Kieu Anh: This year’s NHAT ended up playing out more quickly than the other years, which led to a shortened timespan between each event and deadline. Such was also the reason why the preparations and training for the Ambassador’s competition rounds became more urgent. Because I had to juggle between multiple activities at once, I felt quite pressured, having had to sacrifice the time for my personal life in favor of a denser schedule for many long months. However, I was lucky to have received plenty of love and support from the people around me: my family, my homeroom teacher and other teachers, my lovely friends and even those whom I’ve never had the chance to know - all of them were willing to offer their compassion and help. In the end, the things that will always linger in my mind are the beautiful friendships and the love that everyone has given me. Especially during the finale, I felt something truly special because no matter the results, I had already received a great many valuable things, the challenges I had been put through having welded me into something more capable and mature. In the future, no matter what adversary I come across, I will always maintain my composure and fight through every problem with confidence, because in the end “it will be fine, everything will be alright”. 

The graceful white ao dai fluttering in the breeze

Interviewer: When you were announced as the Ams Ambassador of 2023, the moment when the fruits of your efforts were finally reaped, what were your feelings?

Kieu Anh: The feeling that shot through me that instant was too special to put into words… I felt an overflowing sense of happiness and gratitude, for one. In that moment, I only wanted to run to my parents and gather them into a hug. I wanted to thank everyone around me—my homeroom teacher, the other teachers in school, my seniors and peers of the History major, all those who had aided and supported me in the past few months. Had it not been for everyone’s companionship, affection and assistance , I wouldn’t have been here today. I am infinitely grateful for the goodwill everyone has given me. 

Nguyen Kieu Anh during the interview round of the NHAT’23 Finale

Interviewer: Surely the competition has brought many changes and left its marks. Can you share one valuable lesson you have learned during your journey with this year’s Ams Ambassador contest?

Kieu Anh: During the grueling months of the competition, there have been many times when the tight schedule and the doubt of whether I would perform well in the competition had affected my mental health. Luckily, I received plenty of encouragement and support from those around me, as well as the assistance of my parents and teachers in creating a strict yet reasonable schedule to ensure both the time and stamina for me to finish my portion of the competition excellently. The most remarkable thing I’ve learned is that any achievement of an individual would’ve never been possible without the aid of those around them; that’s why one shouldn’t isolate themself from an entire community. Besides, one must also learn to discipline oneself and take control of their own emotions in order to connect with the community and work together to construct a learning and training environment where every individual can find happiness and the desire to contribute their positive attributes. 

The radiant Kieu Anh during her crowning moment

Interviewer: As the new Ams Ambassador, the representative of a generation of ambitious and gifted Amsers, what message would you like to convey to everybody, and how would you accomplish it? 

Kieu Anh: Studying at such a prestigious school with innumerable proficient students, I constantly remind myself of my responsibility as the Ams Ambassador. Along with it came my goal when I applied and fought for this title, a chance to impart the importance of preserving our country’s cultural value, traditions and ethnic identity to the youths of my generation. 

The young and talented Amsers of our generation will, are or have already spread their wings and take off towards the distant horizon, where we will find an environment suited to our abilities and highlight our names among the ever-flowing river of people of the outside world. We are all entitled to the pursuit of our own happiness, the happiness of our families and those we love. The mission assigned to each and every Amser is to elevate our knowledge, our wisdom. Above all, we must nurture the moral attributes and courage that lies within each of us, to distinguish the correct and suitable path for ourselves, and become functional members of society. 

Having studied History in depth, I am all the prouder that I am Vietnamese, carrying in my veins the red gold of the Vietnamese people. I am aware that we must take responsibility in establishing a country with a national spirit of solidarity, unity and prosperity. To accomplish such a task as well as spread the news to others in the community, I myself, as well as everybody else. each needs to create our own beacon of ideology, moral values and lifestyle according to the fashion of our cherished leader Ho Chi Minh; to emulate, cultivate, enhance and follow in His footsteps, putting the interests of the community and the nation above one’s own benefit. Such is how we will develop sustainable values and spread them to a wider range of people in the community. 

Once again, we would like to deliver our thanks to Kieu Anh for participating in an interview with Ams Wide Web and sharing such profound and valuable beliefs. Above all, congratulations on becoming the well-selected Ams Ambassador of 2023, and we wish that you will continue to amass great triumphs in your future, fulfilling the great mission of an Ams Ambassador!

Author: Nguyen Khanh Chi - Amser (‘21-’25)

Images: Provided by the NHAT organizers

Interpreter: Nguyen Ngoc Anh - English 1 ('23 - '26)