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Debut Ceremony of Hanoi's 2023 - 2024 National Academic Excellence teams

Post by: webams | 11/11/2023 | 315 reads

At 2:30 PM on November 6th, the debut ceremony for the Hanoi National Academic Excellence teams was organized amidst the ceremonious atmosphere of Auditorium 700 at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted,  attracting the attention of many students, teachers, and leaders from within and without the capital. 

Attending the ceremony were leaders from the Department of Education alongside agencies, departments, leading teachers of each team, principals of high schools with students participating in the exam, the members of the National Academic Excellence team themselves, and their parents. Due to the earlier schedule of the contest compared to recent years, the debut conference took place quickly and urgently, yet it still maintained a sense of solemnity and provided sufficient information for students and their parents. 

The parents and teachers participating in the ceremony

The ceremony commenced with the introduction and blessings from the Director of the Hanoi Department of Education and Training—Tran The Cuong—towards the students in the national team. He expressed his pride in the capital’s tradition of glorious achievements, simultaneously conveying his confidence in the subsequent generation representing Hanoi in this national competition. 

Mr. Tran The Cuong - Director of the Hanoi Department of Education and Training

The main part of the conference consists of all 12 national teams being honored consecutively on stage at Hall 700. Seeing as the Ministry of Education & Training has increased the number of examination candidates, this school year welcomes over 250 students from Hanoi to compete in the National Academic Excellence Competition. The students and leading teachers received motivation in the form of vibrant flower bouquets and encouragement from the director of the Department of Education. The students displayed delight and appreciation at the care and thoughtfulness of their teachers and leaders. The show’s host also delivered his sincere congratulations towards the efforts and achievements each individual has attained, as well as communicated his hope for the greatness that the students and teachers would find themselves reaping. 

The Literature National Academic Excellence team

The Physics National Academic Excellence team

The Director of the Hanoi Department of Education and Training gifting the students with bouquets and words of encouragement

The national teams taking a photo

Following the debut of the national teams, Mrs Duong Tu Anh, Vice Principal of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted introduced to the conference the facilities inside the school to help students and parents gain a clearer picture of its infrastructure, schedules and operations. At the end of the conference, students and parents were introduced to the directives of each individual national team by the leading teachers, who announced their teaching plans as well as rectified any obstacles in order to alleviate the worries of their students.

The students lively in their discussion 

The debut ceremony for the Hanoi National Academic Excellence team culminated in a glorious conclusion. On behalf of the Editorial Board, Ams Wide Web would like to deliver our congratulations to the passionate and talented students and teachers; we dearly hope that this will mark the beginning of a journey blazing with the glorious golden light of victory for the capital’s education sector. 

Author: Doan Hung Anh - Literature (‘22 - ‘25)

Photographer: Nguyen Tran Khanh Chi - Chemistry (‘23 - ‘26)

Interpreter: Nguyen Ngoc Anh - English 1 (‘23 - ‘26)