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Secondary School Entrance Exam Support Programme: Hoa Phuong Do Campaign 2023 - where the fire of the Youth Union bursts alight

Post by: trangtrang | 26/06/2023 | 152 reads

Even the summer rain of June could not cool down the fervent atmosphere of our Secondary School Entrance Exam takers at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted. On June 23rd, two test centres welcomed thousands of students entering the second round — the pre-secondary-school assessment. For a smooth-sailing exam season, volunteers from the Trung Hoa ward and Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted’s Youth Union have provided tremendous and essential support in the Hoa Phuong Do campaign — Entrance Exam Support Programme 2023.

Accordingly, Hoa Phuong Do volunteers were present at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted and Tran Duy Hung Secondary School since early morning to greet test-takers. Despite the summer rain, the volunteer group upheld a fiery spirit throughout the campaign, fueling the contestants.

Parents gathered at the school gate to watch their children enter the exam rooms

The morning exam took place amidst unfavourable weather, which could affect not only the health but also the morale of the students. However, the group of volunteers made meticulous preparations and enthusiastically guided the candidates from the school gate to the examination area with umbrellas, ensuring their health and spirit. This was a powerful boost that could pave the way to a fruitful exam.

The group of volunteers would always show up early to pick up the contestants

Hoa Phuong Do volunteers dedicated to bringing the students into the test area

After the rain came sunshine, and so the afternoon part of the exam was held in great weather. There, the volunteers were always on duty to guide the candidates to the exam rooms as well as cheering them on to boost their confidence. Hoa Phuong Do campaign not only played an important role in the success of an entrance exam season, but it was also a rare opportunity where Amsers contributed a part of their youth to meaningful activities and thus helped create a lively and zealous summer.

Radiant faces at the end of the exam day

On behalf of the Ams Wide Web Club Editorial Board, we congratulate the candidates for their efforts in passing the formidable entrance exam. May the students bear worthy fruits of their endeavor and get into the school of their dreams. In addition, thank you to the volunteers of Hoa Phuong Do 2023 for their wholehearted efforts in accompanying the candidates for a victorious exam season!

Translator: Trần Linh Ngân - English 2 2124