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The Kapusta: “Picassio Mural Painting Day" - A magical journey filled with heartfelt messages for Russian classes

Post by: trangtrang | 21/05/2023 | 495 reads

On May 14, The Kapusta - a volunteering project organized by Russian major students in Hanoi - Amsterdam High School has held an extremely meaningful journey with the hopes of bringing joy as well as a better environment for young kids to have fun and learn. In the chain of book donation events, The Kapusta has chosen Huy Thượng Elementary and Middle Schools (Phù Yên, Sơn La) in its next stop to send their very own colorful gifts.

With the amount of books and materials gathered from pre-events, The Kapusta has helped build a friendly and colorful library, filled with sufficient appliances and intended to create a space for young children to have fun and learn. True to the project’s mission towards the community, the library has given itself a new look through the dexterous and meticulous hands of these students.

The OC giving an opening speech

Outer walls of the library given an eye-catching make-over

Young children joining hands to help decorate these colorful walls

The material and mental help from The Kapusta has become an invaluable source of motivation for the young kids currently under harsh conditions and paved the way for them to reach the horizon of knowledge. These moments enlivened by the sharing hearts and love will imprint on the minds of the young children as well as The Kapusta’s OC indelible memories.

Books orderly and carefully arranged

Truly adorable photos of the OC and the children

“A Magical Journey” has also been the message that The Kapusta would like to give out at this year’s event. Each member of this family has together created an unforgettable trip to Phù Yên, Sơn La.

The OC of The Kapusta

We hope that in the future, The Kapusta will continue more meaningful and heartfelt journeys like these to dye “barren lands” with more beautiful mosaics of colors. On behalf of Ams Wide Web, we wish The Kapusta greater success in their sweet journey!

Translator: Vũ Đức Lâm - English 2 2023

Image Source: Provided by the OC