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[MI12’23] Acrylic Day: A place to imprint the uniqueness of 20-23 Amsers through colorful handprints

Post by: trangtrang | 17/05/2023 | 656 reads

In only one week, the Amsers of 20-23 will be giving their parting words to their beloved Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted. On May 16th, 2023, another activity of Tuần Lễ Tri Ân (Gratitude Week) called Acrylic Day occured to the excitement and support of many students. Each colorful handprint became a mark of the memorable youth and indelible moments 20-23 Amsers have had.

In the lively atmosphere of Acrylic Day, students all dipped their hands into the buckets of “Ký họa” filled with a colorful variety of acrylic paints and pressed their handprints onto the canvas placed at the Countdown Booth. This has been a simple but immensely meaningful activity for the Amsers of 2023. Each handprint is not only to mark their presence and individuality but also to pay a visit to their past and send a hello to their future.

The exciting atmosphere at the event

Colorful handprints pressed on the canvas

Some students even signed on the painting

Together, 20-23 Amsers painted a unique mosaic of personalities. The painting served to symbolize the unity and friendship over the 3 years of their youth learning, reaching new heights, making unforgettable memories and experiencing joyful as well as challenging moments together. So that one day, when we reminisce our eighteen, we would know we had each other’s back and the zest and passion of our youth. Like the first chapter of any good book, all are equally memorable and imprinted in the mind of every student.

Another generation of Amsers has grown up, ready to step forward and face new challenges. Acrylic Day has managed to capture one important part of 20-23 Amsers’ most beautiful memories under the beloved Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted roof. On behalf of Ams Wide Web’s Editorial Board, we wish all 20-23 Amsers great success with their dreams, earning new achievements and bringing glory to yourselves as well as to Ams!

Translator: Vũ Đức Lâm - English 2 2023