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Meet Dinh Lan Chi and Hoang Duc Minh - the two students of Hanoi Amsterdam High school for the Gifted who have won the first prize at the National Science and Technology Competition

Post by: trangtrang | 29/06/2020 | 2185 reads

The National Science and Technology Competition 2019-2020 which took place in June 19th and 20th has attracted 137 projects participating throughout the whole country. The topic “Research and create multifunctional nano-sized materials applied in diagnosing and curing cancer” of Dinh Lan Chi, in class 11 Chemistry 1 and Hoang Duc Minh, in class 11 Physics 1 at Hanoi Amsterdam High school for the Gifted has excellently won the first prize nationally. Next, let’s meet and listen to the two talented students’ interesting thoughts on this competition!

Dinh Lan Chi and Hoang Duc Minh in the Award Ceremony

Interviewer (PV): Hi, first of all, I would like to thank you two for having participated in this interview. Now, please introduce shortly about your research topic in this year’s contest!

Dinh Lan Chi (LC): Our topic this year is in the Chemistry field, but there is also some knowledge related to Physics and Biomedical. The main purpose is to create a brand-new material to apply in diagnosing and curing cancer. This is a material which is a combination of Ferromagnetism’s core and gold’s sheath, so the material we created is both magnetic and bright. Using these two characteristics, we change magnetic power and optical power to heat energy (applied in hyperthermia), and apply magnetic resonance imaging.

Lan Chi is not only intelligent but also very pretty

PV: Would you mind sharing about the time in which you prepared for the contest and obstacles that you have encountered during the process of researching and competing?

LC: According to the rules, the competition took place in a year and ended on March this year, but due to social distance and Covid 19, the final round was held on June this year. However, the extra 3 months have given us the chance to research more insightly and have given us the time to make up Nano silver to produce 300 litres of hand wash to give our school in the midst of today’s pandemic.

Hoang Duc Minh (DM): Regarding obstacles, to be honest, we both have had experience in the Science and Engineering Fair VISEF, in which Chi and I participated last year, and became the top participants of the city and country, so we were not too confused while preparing. Moreover, we both have fundamental knowledge, because we study specialised classes in Chemistry and Physics, and we receive our teachers’ help, so we did not face much objective difficulties.

Hoang Duc Minh - a Physics-specialised student who is both handsome and talented

PV: After a long time competing, how do Chi and Minh feel about receiving this extremely excellent prize in the last final round?

DM: Since we are our school’s sole representatives in this competition at the national level, we feel nervous. Eventually, when we receive the news that we have achieved the highest prize nationally, we feel very joyful and proud!

PV: Do you want to share more about the memories and unforgettable lessons in this competition?

LC: One of the memories that we can recall is when we came to Da Nang, the contest’s pressure and homesick had affected our mental strength. However, eventually, we overcame it together and have successfully achieved our dreams. It is very prideworthy and memorable!

PV: The two’s journey to victory today though hard but very admirable! Hope Lan Chi and Duc Minh will always keep their passion in science researching and achieve many dreams and purposes in the future!

Reporter: Luu Gia Dinh - Chinese-English 1922

Translator: Thai Minh Anh - Chinese-English 1821