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Hanoi – Amsterdam: school of public figures

Post by: Mai Thành Sơn | 21/04/2013 | 8494 reads

Hanoi – Amsterdam, which has a great reputation for its excellent academic quality, is also known for nurturing many of today’s public figures.

Dang Diem Quynh, a famous MC of Vietnam.

Dang Diem Quynh, who is now 40 years old, was once a student of the Literature Department of Hanoi-Amsterdam high school. While studying abroad in China, she had the honor to be offered a position in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by ex Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Vu Khoan. However, she has chosen to have a career in the media field.


Known as the MC and the judge of many popular TV shows such as Music Game show and Vietnam Idol, Ms. Quynh was voted to be the most outstanding MC of Vietnam in 2006.

MC Bach Duong

This ex-Amser is also a popular MC of Vietnam. She is mostly known for her role as an MC of Journey of Cultures, a TV show created for students. She manages to win the audience’s affection with her good sense of humor and smart demeanor.


After six years’ time being devoted to Journey of Cultures, Ms. Bach Duong has decided to further her career in the media field by taking a position at VTV6.

Ms. Thu Ha, the youngest MC of VTV’s prime-time-news

Once a Physics-specialized student at Hanoi-Amsterdam, Thu Ha is now the MC of many popular and important TV shows such as "Chat with 8X", "Smart Consumer", "Property News", and so on.


She broke new ground in her career in 2011 by becoming the youngest MC of VTV’s prime-time-news, a significant nationwide program which is usually (casted ) by professional newscasters with outstanding skills.

While she was still a student, Thu Ha also had many remarkable achievements such as making herself into the top 10 of Vietnam’s Beauty Pageant  In 2006

Apart from her job as an MC, Thu Ha has also starred in several movies such as "Our story", "Vang Anh’s diary" sequel and, most recently, "Tran Thu Do"movie.

Thuy Duong, the MC of Talk Vietnam.

Thuy Duong is also one of the public figures who spent their high school years at Hanoi-Amsterdam. She studied abroad at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, America.


Thuy Duong started working for VTV4 as an English translator. Not only is she praised for her excellent command of spoken English but this winsome MC is also greatly acclaimed for her gentle and natural manner in the show

Super Model Ha Anh

Ha Anh, who was born in 1982, is an alumnus of course 1997-2000. Up till now, she is considered to be the most powerful model of Vietnam, receiving praises for her professionalism and intelligence. She is also one of the few Vietnam’s models who are successful both domestically and internationally. Ha Anh has taken part in several noteworthy competitions such as Miss Vietnam, Miss Earth, European’s Professional Model, Asian face in the UK and is often invited to many international fashion shows as a model.


Thuy Top

Thuy Top, who has an adorable face but highly sexy curves, is one of those who first promoted the sexy trend among teen-girls.

She went in for the showbiz as a model, actor and singer. She starred in several sitcoms and movies, such as"Chit and Pi", the funny bachelors, and "Walk through the dark".


This girl is also an Ams alumnus. Currently, she is studying abroad in New York, majoring in media.

Actor Minh Tiep

This popular actor was once a student of Hanoi-Amsterdam high school. He has played a role in many movies, most notable of which is the role “King Kong” in "Programming for Love"("Lap Trinh Cho Trai Tim")

Apart from his career as an actor, Minh Tiep also has worked as an MC and a model


After a long time working as a showbiz figure, he has become the manager of a company which trains MC and actors.

In June 2011, Minh Tiep decided to tie the knots with Thuy Duong, a young contestant of Miss Vietnam 2010.

Translator: Van Anh (A1 11-14)