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Interviewing Tran Vi Khanh- the student nominated for the honorable MEXT scholarship of the Japanese government

Post by: trangtrang | 23/05/2020 | 2157 reads

Hanoi- Amsterdam High school has always taken pride in a family nurturing the outstanding talents of the country. Here, not only do the students achieve great academic accomplishments but they also obtain many extracurricular achievements. These achievements have assisted the students in winning honorable scholarships in renowned universities all over the world. Along with AWW, let’s listen to Tran Vi Khanh, who was nominated for the MEXT scholarship of the Japanese government.

Interviewer: First, I would like to congratulate you on being nominated for the MEXT scholarship of Japan. How did you feel on receiving the amazing news?

Vi Khanh(VK): Hi. I was really surprised to receive the news that I have been nominated for this scholarship. At first I was aware that only four countries ( including Vietnam, India, Thailand and Indonesia) was allowed 6 scholarships so I did not hold out much hope. Trying to win the scholarship was an opportunity to challenge myself, even to the extent of overcoming self-doubt. Luckily, I always have my friends and family by my side. There is no exact word to describe my feeling this moment.

Tran Vi Khanh- Student of class Literature 1720

Interviewer: Why did you choose Japan? What have you prepared for the application process?

VK: First of all, I chose Japan as my next destination because of the cultural similarity and the short geographical distance. Besides, Japan is a leading country in education with renowned schools  and offers a variety of subjects for me to choose. 

Personally, studying in Japan will be an opportunity for me to practice the virtues that I need such as scrutiny, concentration, seriousness as well as the ability to work under pressure. Therefore, I did not hesitate to challenge myself in the country.

Before applying, like the other students, I was very confused because this process requires more than just the scores in  the school report or the achievements written in the CV. The greatest challenge is to express yourself positively in the essays and the interviews which only last for tens of minutes. During the application process, I had prepared a relaxed attitude and other back-up plans.

Interviewer: What extracurricular activities have you participated to prepare for studying abroad?

VK: At first, I did not have a really clear orientation, so I participated in extracurricular activities because I wanted to have fun and gain more experience. But the more I experience, the more I understand the value of these activities. Joining in clubs have made me become much mature. 

Previously, I was the vice-president of Ams Baking Club- the biggest and only culinary club in the school. Besides, I was the head organizer of “ The 1% fund” project, and worked in the PR department of other projects such as Pandorams, Humanoid,... The club and the projects were like a second home to me because when we work together, the Amsers’ spirit was evident.

Interviewer: In the essay for the application process, what topic have you chosen?

VK: One of the most difficult things for me was writing the essay. I was a bit of a perfectionist, so my biggest worry was to answer the question “Who am I?” as expressing that I deserved the scholarship more than the other competent candidates from other countries was not easy. 

I had to write as many as 4 essays, answering different questions. In the main essay, when asked about which problem the society is facing, I chose to write about immigration after having switched from many topics from the environment to water pollution… because I can consider the act of immigration from many aspects. There were many drafts, which were later discarded. 

After all, I chose the problem of immigration and the human’s right to live to submit to the admission committee and I was satisfied with this final work.

The pretty talented girl happily joined Ngày hội Anh Tài with the other students of the Literature class

Interviewer: In the application process, which challenges did you face and how did you overcome them? Through that, what lessons have you learnt?

VK: I entered the fierce competition with a sufficient  IELTS score, an imperfect school report and the fact that I have never written an admission before, so the first few days were really difficult.  

Before, I have faced various challenges: failures, low score, resitting tests, … Those challenges have forced me to rethink seriously about myself. Luckily, I was always transmitted with positive vibes from people around me: “ Life always gives you a second chance. It’s called tomorrow.” That saying helped me to turn failures into motivation and lessons so that I can keep moving forward every day. 

After this difficult application process, I just want to say that whoever you are, you always have deep values within you and that you can only get there if you go.

Interviewer: Is there anything you would like to say to yourself in the future?

VK: I believe that every present success is just a stepping stone to the future. I just want to remind Vi Khanh of later years that whatever happens, I hope that I can still face challenges and difficulties with smiles and positivity. 

Also, I would like to sincerely thank my teachers and my friends at Ams for making my three years of high school more meaningful and colorful than ever! Their encouragements and support are motivation for me to further, not just in the next 4 years of university but also in the long journey of life.

Interviewer: Thai Minh Anh- Chinese class 1821

Interpreter: Vu Minh Tam- English class 1821