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Chatting with Tran Minh Anh - an excellent student of Chinese-English class to win a full scholarship from VinUniversity 2020

Post by: trangtrang | 23/05/2020 | 1301 reads

In recent years, studying at universities with international connections in Vietnam has become more and more popular for their plus points: cost-saving, internationally recognized qualifications or flexibility. Today, let us sit down with Tran Minh Anh - a senior of Hanoi-Amsterdam High school for the Gifted, the recipient of the VinUniversity Full Scholarship in Medical Doct

Reporter: Thank you Minh Anh for taking the time to attend the interview. First, can you share your emotions when you receive the news of your admission to VinUniversity with a full-ride scholarship that includes living expenses?

Minh Anh (MA): When I got the news, I was thrilled because I would have the opportunity to attend my dream school. As I found out that I got a 100% scholarship with living expenses, I was overwhelmed with emotions because I never thought that I would win the biggest scholarship package, and now it is true!

Tran Minh Anh - the special and lovely member of 12 Chinese-English

Reporter: Did the application and interview process of VinUniversity leave any unforgettable memories for you?

MA: I still vividly remember the day of my interview. I am usually so nervous for interviews that I forget what to say. My classmates knew me too well, so they actively texted me in the morning to ask after and encourage me. They even told me to eat tangerine to ease my tension. Perhaps because I was too anxious, I only found the tangerine sour, but it must be that tangerine that helped me keep calm and perform my best in the interview round. I cannot thank 12 Chinese-English enough! *laugh*

Reporter: It is already difficult to be admitted, let alone getting high scholarships. Do you have any secrets to share with us?

MA: I don’t have many secrets either, just be yourself! I have wanted to improve the health of Vietnamese people for a long time, so I have devoted myself to expressing this ambition in my application and luckily, the admission officers can resonate with that. Besides, I also have great friends in 12 Chinese-English who helped me to demonstrate myself most fully in the application so that the school can understand me the best. They also gave me advice, encouragement, as well as deep conversations to help me better understand myself and prepare the best for the application.

Minh Anh with her 12 Chinese-English classmates

PV: Language-specialised students tend to pursue education abroad, what had made you stay in Vietnam and apply for admission to the Doctor of Medicine at VinUniversity?

MA: I think the decision depends on your personality and your career orientation. In medicine, students have to study for many years, but in the far future, I want to stay close to my family and contribute to my country. Therefore, studying in Vietnam is the best option for me. Doctor of Medicine at VinUniversity gave me the chance to study under the international curriculum co-designed by VinUniversity and the University of Pennsylvania and with modern facilities in Vietnam. For that reason, I decided to apply to VinUniversity because the school is quite suitable for my long-term goals.

Minh Anh is the author of the blog “An Bang Nao” (Eat with your brains) dedicated to spread awareness about public health

PV: Finally, can our “future doctor” leave us a message for everyone during the complicated situation surrounding Covid-19?

MA: Let’s together protect our health in this pandemic! Wash your hands properly, practice social distancing, eat boiled and cooked food, and exercise to improve your health. Wish everyone health and happiness!

Reporter: We wish you health and success in the future!

Overview of VinUniversity:

On March 2, 2018, the Prime Minister approved the policy to permit the establishment of VinUniversity. Accordingly, Vingroup Corporation officially announced its participation in the field of Higher Education with the brand name VinUniversity (VinUni).

VinUniversity’s ambition is to create a breakthrough in the quality of higher education in Vietnam, aiming towards the world class. In order to realize this aspiration, Vingroup will invest in building VinUni based on the highest standards of research, teaching, employment, and international perspectives. VinUni has strategic cooperation with two elite universities in the top 20 best universities globally, with strong focus on Ivy League schools such as Cornell University and University of Pennsylvania. The school is oriented to meet the top rankings and classification in higher education across the world like Quacquarelli Symonds, Times Higher Education…

VinUniversity is based in Hanoi, officially accepting enrollment for the first generation in 2020.

Reporter: Do Hanh Nhi - Chinese-English 1720

Translator: Dinh Khanh Linh - English 1 1821