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[MI12'23] A Thousand Wishes: Where dreams begin

Post by: trangtrang | 17/05/2023 | 569 reads

Another 1000-day train is already coming to its final stop, and Amsers of the class of 20-23 are playing the very last notes in the song of their youth at Hanoi - Amsterdam. In these final days of their school life, the organizers of Made in 12 successfully arranged “A Thousand Wishes” to help students express their feelings, longings and dreams through pieces of notepad paper. The “wishing jar” at the Countdown Booth is simple but has been artfully filled up with Amsers 20-23's many great ambitions.

On May 15th, A Thousand Wishes was an unprecedented activity as part of the Made In 12 series of events. During the event, grade 12 students and teachers shared memories and expressed their dreams through small pieces of paper, then put them into the wishing jar located at the Countdown Booth. Those pieces of paper would then be “transformed” into many beautiful paper cranes, carrying many wishes and dreams of Amsers. A Thousand Wishes was also an activity that marked the beginning of Tri n Week - the very last activities in the Made in 12 series of events, promising a memorable and emotional final week for every 20-23 Amser.


Students putting their wishes into the wishing jar

Nguyen Hien Chi (Biology 2023) had very interesting things to say about the event: “For me, this is a very meaningful event. As a 12th grader with a lot of nostalgia and sadness because I am going through the very last of my days at Ams, this event makes me feel more motivated and hopeful, so that I can soar towards my future just like these paper cranes. I'm incredibly happy that through these pieces of paper, I can keep my memories and dreams of the precious present moment.”

A Thousand Wishes ended successfully and left many lasting impressions. On behalf of the Ams Wide Web editorial department, we hope that the paper cranes carrying the wishes of Amsers of 20-23 will fly high and fly far, so that their dreams will all come true. We wish all Amsers of the class of 2020-2023 good luck and success in their next journey.

Translator: Phan Khánh An - English 1 2225