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Thoughts on School: To Infinity and Beyond

Post by: trangtrang | 22/06/2015 | 4467 reads

Author: Dang Thanh Hai (Literature 13-16)

“Youth... People think of it as beautiful not because of its external beauty but because of our unconditional, innocent and somewhat stupid love in those years. And we all know that we can never, ever get back to those days, when we were young and full of passions and dreams.”

Each of our life is created from uncountable moments and being crafted by various colors. There are moments that are as exceptionally picturesque as the light of dawn yet some are suddenly blue like the first downpour of summer. I had never realized the value of the moments, until I became a very minor part of Ams

It is a foregone conclusion that who has ever studied in Ams must possess a very special love for it, though each piece of love is different and unique. Ams is always there in our heart, a very tiny yet indelible picture. That love prolongs for such a long time and like they say in movie, “To infinity and beyond”

The love for Ams is indescribable by mere words since when we write about Ams, there might be no word to express our infinite love for it and since we all love Ams in the most simple way yet most sincere and unconditional.

We love Ams as we love the banner “Hanoi Amsterdam High School for the Gifted” on the school gate, as we love the school yard with those white lines, as we love our beloved class, the corridors filled with laughters and fast-paced steps. We love the warm light shining through the windows, surrounded by easy breezes tantalizing the leaves. We love the moments, though very fragile, but are enough to stay forever in our mind, vibrating our growing hearts. We love Ams as we love the afternoons after classes sitting on the outdoor stair steps to treasure the peaceful moment of sunset. We love Ams as we also love the skycrapers next to the campus and the bridge across with many vehicles in morning rush hours, as we love every time we run through the school field, when the wind blows through our hair and everything is faded with every step. We miss the green of the football arena, the white and the orange of the uniform we wear to school everyday.

We love Ams for the people around us. We love our classmates and the moments we study together, as well as the times when we are sulked and the smiles on our lips. We love the uproar when the basketball was shot in. We love the sound of the bicycles after class and the worry of losing the tickets. Each student, each teacher is a piece that without it, Ams is not complete. We love the way that the teachers love us and the way they teach us to become better people. We love the blue uniform that our security guards dress each day and the passion of the laborious janitors. Here at Ams, everybody lives to their fullest, to the passion of youth, dreaming and working together. The atmosphere is always vibrant, energizing and enthusiastic. It seems that every second here contains so many activities going on. That enthusiasm is like a scarlet string across time itself, from the precedent generation to the next, always in being only in this place. If Ams is a small brightness among a sky full of stars, we will always look towards it. Ams is the infinite light that guide and illuminate our yout.

Every moment living in Ams is priceless. Our youth, our passions, our dreams, our ambitions and energy are all here. In many years’ time, when we look back to our time here in High school, we will smile with happiness because every single moment of Ams still live vibrantly within our hearts and because the love for Ams is infinte. To infinty and beyond.

Translator: Le Tan Phat (English 1 13-16)