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Students of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School and a series of activities celebrating Law Day

Post by: trangtrang | 05/11/2022 | 1084 reads

As a response to the Law Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (9/11/2022), schools in Hanoi, including Hanoi - Amsterdam High School, have organized multiple constructive activities to educate and increase students’ understanding of the law.

Ms. Trần Thùy Dương, the Headmistress of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School, shared that legal education to students of Hanoi - Amsterdam had always been integrated continuously and regularly into Civics Education lessons and other lessons beyond the curriculum, into the monthly Youth Union's meetings, into students' extracurricular activities and most recently, into a series of activities celebrating Vietnam’s Law Day.

để phổ biến những điểm mới trong luật An ninh mạng cũng như các biện pháp phòng chống tội phạm trên không gian mạngStudents of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School being educated on the adjustments to the Law of Cyber Security 

In the year 2022, the school especially focused on disseminating the necessary knowledge and skills to students for them to prevent safety risks while using the Internet.

Explaining this focus, Ms. Trần Thùy Dương shared: "The two-year Covid-19 pandemic has increased the accessibility of technology and the Internet to students. Without timely guidance, students can be hurt or manipulated by inappropriate behaviors of others on social media." Therefore, the activities celebrating Vietnam’s Law Day in Hanoi - Amsterdam High School made this topic their focus.

In October of 2022, the Police Department of Cau Giay District collaborated with the People's Police Academy and Hanoi - Amsterdam High School to host an educational seminar called "The shield between cyberspace and adolescents of Cau Giay" in order to propagate the adjustments to the Law of Cyber Security and the ways in which students can protect themselves against cyber crimes.

NImmediately after the programme, the school's Youth Unions and Vanguards kickstarted an online competition for the following week to equip Hanoi - Amsterdam students with skills for safe navigation of online space, which was met with enthusiasm from students. Here, they would not only gain the skills needed to use social media but also become an informed citizen that can spread the knowledge to their friends, families and the society.

Và hào hứng với chuyên đề “Văn hóa tham gia giao thông2.000 students and their enthusiasm for a seminar on "Law-Abiding Participation in Traffic"


In the morning of November 1st, the Traffic Police Team of Hanoi Police Department collaborated with the school to organize a seminar for "Law-Abiding Participation in Traffic" for over 2000 students during the weekly meeting. This was to raise awareness on abiding by Traffic Laws to students, encouraging them to behave lawfully and appropriately while participating in traffic, thereby creating a safe, orderly, civilized and friendly environment for traffic and nurture good law-abiding habits for our “traffic etiquettes”.

Abiding by the Hanoi’s MOET's 2022 curriculum for organizing extracurricular competitions on high school students' knowledge of the law, Hanoi - Amsterdam High School selected competent students, formed student teams and guided them through a few revision sessions. In the morning of November 5th, after three rounds in a competition on Knowledge of the Law for Students in Thanh Xuan - Cau Giay Districts, Hanoi - Amsterdam High School's team won Second place at the finals.

The competition was a healthy and invigorating environment that educated students on basic legal knowledge and resolving legal situations as well as instilling a sense of responsibility in them. Students were encouraged to actively study the law, research the basics of laws and ordinances, especially newly enforced ones.

"Educating students on their legal responsibilities means readily preparing them for the age of connectivity, ensuring that unlawful and unethical ideologies would not flourish. From a series of activities celebrating Vietnam’s Law Day, students can further understand the values, benefits and significance of the law to society at large and to each individual or each student, and they now know that they need to act according to the law. The series of activities celebrating Vietnam’s Law Day has also contributed to students' political, ideological and ethical education," Ms. Trần Thùy Dương shared her thoughts.

Hanoi - Amsterdam High School is honored to have 10 members (consisting of both teachers and students) participating in the Vietnam’s Legal Day of 2022’s ceremony at Hanoi Opera House in the evening of 6/11. The ceremony will be attended and guided by Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính.


Translator: Phan Khánh An - English 1 2225

From the Kinh tế & Đô thị Newspaper