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[NHAT‘22] Ngay Hoi Anh Tai’s Final Night: Where stars shine the brightest

Post by: trangtrang | 20/02/2023 | 583 reads

Ngay Hoi Anh Tai - NHAT is the largest multi-sectional event organized by students of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted. NHAT starts with multiple pre-events and ends with the Final Night, where all classes compete for the highest prize of “Most Wanted Class” and the prestigious title of Ams Ambassador. With the theme Ferrovia, NHAT ‘22 is the train of youth that takes 13 classes to whence you can live in the moment and conquer trials after trials, challenges after challenges to fulfill your ambitions and create your own ego.

Ngay Hoi Anh Tai 2022: Ferrovia

On February 17th, the multi-sectional event Ngay Hoi Anh Tai 2022 officially closed the curtains with a boisterous and exciting Final Night. This was the fruit of the Amsers after more than a month of blood, sweat and tears rehearsing and preparing for their outstanding and unrivaled performances and camps. The event received a lot of support from all Amsers, teachers, and parents as well as a large number of participants all across the city of Hanoi. Renowned celebrity guests such as HIEUTHHUHAI, Manbo, Hurrykng, and Orange have also made their own contributions to this unforgettable party.

Two charming and confident MCs leading the audience throughout the show

The security team ensuring the safety and smooth-sailing of the event

The Organizers of NHAT’22 - the team that made NHAT whole and meaningful

The program commenced with the introduction of the sponsors and the “all-powerful” teachers in the Panel of Judges: Ms. Bui Thu Ha, Ms. Quynh Thi Ai Tam, M.s Ninh Hanh Quyen, Mr. Le Manh Cuong, and Mr. Mai Thanh Son. There were also other distinguished guests and delegates: Ms. Tran Thuy Duong - Secretary of the Party Committee, Principal of the school; Mr. Bui Van Phuc - Vice Principal; Ms. Duong Tu Anh - Vice Principal; Ms. Tran Luu Hoa - Deputy Director of Hanoi’s MOET; Mr Tran Hai Dang - the head of the Representative Committee of the school’s parents.

Teachers in the Judges’ Panel receiving gifts from the OC

The Judges’ Panel and delegates taking a commemorative photo

Besides, the three biggest and most unforgettable highlights in the NHAT finale were the three contests: Class’ Got Talent, Ams Ambassadors and Camps which were held intermittently. In the Class’ Got Talent competition, although each performance was only 5-7 minutes long, it was the crystallization of all the students’ efforts, sweat and tears. Each performance has its own color, meaning and spirit. All of them were monumental and elaborate, introducing hot and new topics to the audience.

History faction giving a heroic and meaningful performance to pay tribute to the heroes of the field

A lively and playful dance from Chinese faction

Travel to both innocent and mischievous student life with the Song bang faction

The unique combination of modern and contemporary from the Literature faction

The magical world in the Chemistry faction’s performance

 Geography faction blooming with artistry

Rediscovering the courage and enterprise of the youth through the performance of the English faction

The one-of-a-kind performance of I.T. faction received relentless cheers from the audience

Back to South Vietnam’s countryside with Biology faction

Dynamic and colorful dance moves from Russian faction

Math faction performing with a refreshing personality

Lost in the world of magic and mystery with French faction

Among them, the eye-catching choreography and diverse music of the winning performance from the Physics faction took away many tears and respect from the audience with the recreation of firefighters’ heroic sacrifices. Through it, they expressed deep gratitude to the silent soldiers who volunteered to give their lives for the warmth and happiness of the people and the country.

Physics faction giving an exceptional performance

The Judges awarding the Physics faction with the winner’s prize

Receiving no less enthusiasm than the special performances from Class’ Got Talent was the final round of Ams Ambassador. As the top 10 potential Ambassadors, they were all well-known and outstanding in both intelligence and beauty. The top 10 were: Duong Hong Lan (11 I.T.), Hoang Nguyen Phuc Anh (11 English 1), Vu Nguyen Huyen Anh (11 Cambridge), La Chau Giang (11 Chemistry 1), Dang Vu Ngoc Mai (12 History), Pham Vu Quy (11 Math 2), Bui Minh Phuong (12 Oxford), Le Nhat Minh (11 Literature), Nguyen Le Minh Ngoc (11 French 2), Le Hai Nam (11 Russian). To achieve the prestigious General Ambassador position, 10 candidates put on their most gorgeous and impressive costumes to get ready for the Traditional costume and Evening gown round. After that, the Judges would determine the 3 best candidates to enter the Q&A round. 

The beautiful choreography between Ambassadors La Chau Giang and Hoang Nguyen Phuc Anh

The grace and charm of Ambassador Vu Nguyen Huyen Anh and Ambassador Le Nhat Minh in traditional costumes

History faction’s Ambassador Dang Vu Ngoc Mai stood side by side with Math faction’s Ambassador Pham Vu Quy in a luxurious evening dress

Youthful and spirited beauty of the Ambassador duo by Duong Hong Lan and Nguyen Le Minh Ngoc

Ambassador Bui Minh Phuong striding confidently with Ambassador Le Hai Nam

Top 10 Ambassadors in the Evening Gown round

Top 10 Ambassadors in the Traditional Costumes round

After the two tough contests, the top 3 ambassadors who well-deservedly advanced to the Q&A round were: La Chau Giang, Vu Nguyen Huyen Anh and Dang Vu Ngoc Mai. In this decisive contest, the ambassadors have not only shown their bravery and confidence on the stage but also affirmed their wits and sincerity, giving the most convincing answers to the audience and Judges’ Panel.

Dang Vu Ngoc Mai - Top 3 Ams Ambassadors

Vu Nguyen Huyen Anh - Top 3 Ams Ambassador

La Chau Giang - Top 3 Ams Ambassador

The top 3 Ambassadors entered the Q&A round 

The top 3 ambassadors were brilliant and talented individuals. Each person had their own style and spirit and all deserved the noble title. Nonetheless, in the end, after much hesitation and consideration from the judges, the General Ambassador position sang the name of La Chau Giang from Chemistry faction - a girl who had not only beauty alike a princess but also a great academic record, including: author of the study Kinetic properties of the Human Enzyme Fumarase and mutants of the Enzyme Fumarase in humans, rated A (top 5%) by Lumiere Education of Harvard University; winner of the Gold medal of the International Junior Science Olympiad 2021 (IJSO) with the highest total score within the Vietnamese delegation. Besides, others also won excellent titles: Talented Ambassador Hoang Nguyen Phuc Anh, Amicable Ambassador Nguyen Le Minh Ngoc, Academic Ambassador Bui Minh Phuong, Stylish Ambassador Le Nhat. Minh, and Favorite Ambassador Dang Vu Ngoc Mai.

General Ambassador La Chau Giang from Chemistry faction

Talented Ambassador Hoang Nguyen Phuc Anh

Amicable Ambassador Nguyen Le Minh Ngoc

Academic Ambassador Bui Minh Phuong

Stylish Ambassador Le Nhat Minh

Favorite Ambassador Dang Vu Ngoc Mai

Afterwards, all eyes were on the appearance of a huge guest lineup: the talented young rappers HIEUTHUHAI, Manbo, Hurrykng and the hit singer Orange. Everyone joined the rhythm, dancing and humming along with the artist to the songs “When you grow up”, “Sleeping alone”, “See you later under the moonlight”, etc. The participation of these celebrated singers pushed NHAT’s inherent youthful and lively atmosphere to a new level, contributing to a successful and explosive finale.

Performance by singer Orange

The appearance of the rapping trio HIEUTHHUHAI, Manbo, Hurrykng setting the atmosphere ablaze

The audience with their flashlight on and eyes on the performances

Reaching the announcement for the first prize of the Camp, it was unquestionable that this remarkable title was dedicated to the History faction with their elaborate and creative design. The camp of History faction is a blend of the Greek myth “Pandora’s box” and the novelties represented by the image of the ship, thereby spreading the message of aspirations and individuality. To have created such a perfect and elaborate work, The students of the History faction had to labor and ponder, discuss and repair countless times, finally realizing the most wonderful result.

History faction’s recreation of the mysterious and magical Pandora’s box

Camp winner of NHAT‘22 - History faction

The end of NHAT‘22 Final Night was also the moment all Amsers “held their breath” waiting to see which class would officially win the highest position of Most Wanted Class. And finally, the championship trophy of this year’s Ngay Hoi Anh Tai belonged to the Song Bang faction topping the list. This was a worthy result, as they won the Dancing Day Championship and always ranked high in NHAT‘22 contests. Days of thoughts, worries and hard work of the class had paid off! All the overwhelming emotions of the winner were captured through their exuberant chant of “Song Bang san bang” (Song bang flattens all). Besides the Song bang faction, the Chemistry faction also won the title of Sports Day Champion and the Informatics faction won the Most Wanted Class’ runner-up position with a close score.

Song bang faction with the highest honor of being the Most Wanted Class

The Judges giving the Most Wanted Class award to the representative of the Song Bang faction

In addition, Song bang faction was also the Dancing Day Champion

I.T. faction won the runner-up position of Most Wanted Class with a score close to Song bang’s

Sports Day Championship belonged to Chemistry faction

Thus, the Final Night has closed its curtains, completing the final mission of Ngay Hoi Anh Tai and leaving in our hearts indescribable emotions—a feeling of joy, but also tinted by a little regret.  Be as it might, NHAT‘22 was an opportunity to help Amsers shine, express themselves and help their classes unite, bond, and understand more deeply about their Hanoi - Amsterdam High School and the meaning of life. After taking the Amsers through colorful and experiential stops in the journey, the Ferrovia train docked with the hope that the Amsers had an unforgettable time and fully enjoyed this “trip”. I would like to send my most sincere congratulations and gratitude to the Organizing Committee of Ngay Hoi Anh Tai 2022 as well as the enthusiastic support of teachers, parents, students and all Amsers who have worked day and night to bring great success to NHAT ‘22!


Translator: Trần Linh Ngân - English 2 2124

Image: Provided by the OC of NHAT 2022