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KINGA SHINNEN 2023: Experience Japan’s culture right in hall A-B!

Post by: trangtrang | 05/02/2023 | 389 reads

On the afternoon of February 1st, 2023, the Kinga Shinnen Cultural Festival 2023: Masukotto was successfully held at hall AB at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted. With 6 operating booths and an impressive show from Hanoi - Amsterdam Rock Club, AB hall turned into a dynamic and exciting playground where participants could experience the beauty of Fusang culture.

Kinga Shinnen is an annual cultural festival organized by the one-and-only Hanoi - Amsterdam Japanese Vietnamese Culture Club. Originating from the idea of celebrating Tet in a traditional Japanese fashion, Kinga Shinnen introduces participants to folk games and cultural traditions of the “Land of the rising sun”. This year, with the theme “Masukotto” (Talisman), Kinga Shinnen 2023 hoped that each person receives the blessing of the God of Good Fortune on their upcoming journeys.

Kinga Shinnen 2023 had a minor difference from its predecessors: the event was held when Amsers returned to school after the Lunar New Year holiday. However, the festival still received much enthusiasm with 6 operating booths divided into two groups: Culture and Games.

Participants hanging a wish card after drawing the “Omikuji” sheet to pray for a smooth-sailing, peaceful and happy new year

Players excited to take part in making mini bamboo poles - “Kadomatsu”

“Musubi” bracelets symbolizing love and unity

At Kinga Shinnen 2023, participants would challenge themselves with physical and intellectual games. This was an opportunity to both win attractive gifts and hand-make your one-of-a-kind item.

Face Matching - “Fukuwarai” is considered one of the toughest games of the festival

Winning the “Senbonbiki” lottery ticket was definitely everyone’s goal when participating in Kinga Shinnen

Impressive performance from HARC

Sharing about the organizing process, the representative of HAJV Club, Dao Duc Binh (English 2124) said: “As the first event in HAJV’s chain of activities, we were inexperienced and worried about the organizational changes, as well as the rush of preparation. However, all the members have exerted themselves from the very beginning to create the most complete Kinga Shinnen possible. Although there were some unexpected problems, I believe that Kinga Shinnen 2023 is a very memorable experience for the club members, as well as for the students who participated in this festival.”

Kinga Shinnen 2023 ended with success among the interest and support of many students in the school. Another year has passed, may all students and staff of Hanoi - Amsterdam have a successful and favorable new year!

Translator: Trần Linh Ngân - English 2 2124

Image: Provided by HAJV