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Look forward to a bright new Year of the Cat through a Tet 2023 chat with Le Dieu Anh - Literature 2124

Post by: trangtrang | 24/01/2023 | 205 reads

The old year has passed, making way for a new year filled with hope but also challenges awaiting us ahead. A firm conviction in ourselves could well be the very key to opening up more opportunities, which was also one of the many messages that Dieu Anh (Literature 2124) has sent to everyone on this Lunar New Year of the Cat. Not to wait any longer, let us join Ams Wide Web as we listen to all the sincere sharing from Dieu Anh right here!

Reporter: Hi there! First of all, on behalf of the Ams Wide Web editorial board, thank you very much for agreeing to participate in today's interview. Lunar New Year has its own unique charm to each person, so I am wondering what Tet means to you?

Diệu Anh: Each culture has a different way of celebrating Tet. If the West celebrates  the “Solar Tet”, then Asians celebrate the “Lunar Tet”, also known as Lunar New Year. This has always been a special time every year for all Vietnamese people. For me, traditional Tet holds two extremely important meanings. Tet is a “legal permission-free” holiday for everyone after tiring days of studying to revive their spirit for a productive new year. At the same time, this is also an opportunity to meet and interact with others in the warm Tet atmosphere in Vietnam. The whole family can then gather to watch Tao Quan, wishing each other and their relatives a happy Lunar New Year. The endless chit chat and hangouts will be a core part of us Vietnamese people’s collective memory.

She said that she appreciated the moments of reunion with her family.

Reporter: As a member of the National Excellent Student Team, Tet takes place around the time when the exam is approaching. Can you tell me if that has much effect on your Tet plans?

Diệu Anh: Tet is a break from the daily grind of our team. To be honest, the few days without studying are strange, it feels like my mind is “put in a chilled freeze” (laughs). Because my point of view is to balance between studying and entertaining, I'm not trying to cram much during these spring days. I may not learn more this holiday, but I feel more refreshed and I can regain my momentum for the upcoming intense revision period after the holiday. This is a precious moment of peace for me to revise what I have learned and get ready for the next phase of the journey; If we keep forcing ourselves to learn constantly, our minds will only get exhausted and we won’t be able to do our best. So I think Tet not only has no negative effects but also helps us balance and have a better performance.

Dieu Anh gracefully in an ao dai

Reporter: What is the achievement that interests you the most in 2022? Is there anything else you regret the most about the past year?

Diệu Anh: My most exciting achievement was winning the City-level Olympiad and participating in the National Olympiad. I was never destined to be in any big competitions, win any high prizes, which is something I would never dare to dream of. It can be said that 2022 is the year I have challenged myself to explore new limits. The next round can be considered a pressure and a motivation for me. However, hard work should go hand in hand with resting and recharging my batteries. Besides studying, social activities are also an important goal in my year’s plan. However, due to my packed schedules, I have not been able to participate in a long charity trip, which is something that I’m very much worried about and plan to carry out in 2023. Hopefully next year will be a meaningful year for me and everyone.

Not only does she have a good academic record, she is also very active in extracurricular activities.

Reporter: If you were to choose a gift to send to your loved ones during Tet, what would you choose? Please share with us the meaning of that gift!

Diệu Anh: We are still young, and we do not have much money to spend, so I think we should not place too much importance on money. For relatives and adults in the house, the most meaningful gift is our sincerity. For a person passionate about literature and art like me, a labor of love like a self-composed poem or a small handmade gift is my top choice. Sometimes it doesn't need to be big, it just has to be a simple but meaningful gift to warm up this year’s freezing Tet.

Dieu Anh was also invited to be a model for some projects owing to her cute looks

Reporter: One last question: I wonder if you can send Tet’s wishes to all readers of Ams Wide Web?

Diệu Anh: I wish all readers of Ams Wide Web a peaceful and happy new year with your loved ones, and may you achieve all your desired goals! 2023 will be a new beginning, I believe we will all be able to pull it off.

Once again, we would like to sincerely thank Dieu Anh for his extremely moving and interesting talk about the Lunar New Year. On behalf of the Ams Wide Web Editorial Board, we wish you all a brilliant new year with your goals, especially ones for the National Olympiad ahead. We wish all readers of Ams Wide Web a peaceful new year, luck, tons of money, and  all the goodness!

Translator: Nguyễn Ngọc Khôi Nguyên - English 2 2023

Image: Self-provided