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Le Trung Kien is the founder of EconKids Vietnam - a project to equip children with financial and monetary knowledge

Post by: trangtrang | 21/02/2018 | 2900 reads

As a child, Trung Kien is an energetic boy, always playing with things in the house, Kien even has a special interest in using lucky money to do math from the elementary school years. According to him, "not allowing children to be in touch with money is a mistake that the majority of Vietnamese families are making”.

Le Trung Kien – student in 12 Chemistry at Hanoi Amsterdam High School

Kien also thinks that early exposure to money, even making money early is not the cause for a spoiled child. In fact, it is a way of educating children to be conscious of time and energy management, spending limits, and it even motivates them to realise their dreams most effectively.

During recess, when Trung Kien and his friends discussed the social issues in Vietnam, he thought about what he was passionate about in childhood. Despite his busy schedule and dozens of continuous extracurricular activities, Kien was still determined to do something for the children.

But having an idea is one thing, making it a reality is another story. Persuading his "teammates" to take part was a process of proving his capability. Trung Kien revealed that he has participated in economic contests and eventually led people to believing in the ability to work together on developing this useful project. 


Children participating in the project excitedly 

EconKids Vietnam came to life then. Initially, the group had only three participants, but at the moment the number has gone up to 30 members. The main mission of this project is to provide financial and monetary knowledge, as well as related activities for primary and secondary school children.

So far the project has been in appliance at Ly Thai To Primary School, Star Elementary School (Hanoi) and a school in Nghe An.

Not only do they provide lessons on theory, EconKids Vietnam also offers young learners a new, more exciting way to learn. Children are grouped together to discuss and find a solution to given situations.

It can be holding a currency design contests for the students, or each group may be given a certain amount of money and then have to calculate how to buy the most goods with it in the shortest time.

The project helps children understand the value of money based on knowledge and age-appropriate games.

Up until now, the EconKids Vietnam project, founded by Trung Kien, has provided helpful knowledge and activities for more than 200 children.

Speaking about future plans, Trung Kien said: "I hope the project will help parents to have a different perspective on how to give children exposure to money in a reasonable and practical way. In the upcoming time, we will expand the project of EconKids Vietnam, with the last days of the project in the children's SOS village in Hanoi''.

According to the "disclosure" of this talented student, in 2018 EconKids Vietnam will continue to develop and expand.


Thi Thi (Source: Dantri) 

Photograph: NVCC

Translator: Vi Giang – Chinese 1720