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Post by: trangtrang | 20/08/2022 | 564 reads

On the evening of August 17, 2022, the Concert Cascata - the largest event of the classical music club The Classics from Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted was successfully organized with carefully selected performances, performed by more than 50 outstanding artists. More than 70 club members, with the participation of members from the previous term, had prepared the concert for many months with the desire to spread positivity to everybody in mind.

The organizers of The Classics: Concert Cascata 2022

After the concert “Halcyon: The Premiere” in July 2019 and the concert "Malavita" in January 2020, August 2022 marked the spectacular return of the club's largest classical music program with "Cascata". Cascata in Italian means "waterfall" - the image of the towering spectacular waterfall, symbolizing the spaciousness and majesty of nature and a metaphor for the clear sound of the piano. The organizers had chosen this theme to convey the message of sustainable living - protecting the environment. The organizers of Cascata wanted to vividly recreate the beautiful scenery of nature through the sound of pianos and songs, educating the listeners to reconsider any action that has a negative impact on the environment through an emotional experience.

Meticulously choreographed performances

Additionally, The Classics also organized Cascata classical music night as a fundraising event to raise braille books for the library of visually impaired children at Nguyen Dinh Chieu - Hanoi school. The program's artistic director - Bui Viet Ha - shared: "I hope our generation will unite to create meaningful events, not only for our personal profile but also to make a positive influence on society".

Ams Wide Web had the opportunity to listen to Ms. Le Bui Thanh Hang - President of The Classics and Co-Director of Cascata: “My feelings after the performance was successfully held was shock, because about a week before the concert, I received at least 10 phone calls a day from business partners, and there were always more than 70 people constantly waiting for my decision or for my guidance. I didn't realize how stressful it was, I was just tired, so it wasn't until the performance ended that I noticed the difference between my mental state before and after the show. In addition, as a General Director, I was very happy to see that everyone had enjoyed the concert. In order to have that success, I would also like to thank the other members of the executive board: Co-Director Tran Xuan Anh, Artistic Director Bui Viet Ha, Event Director Nguyen Doan Anh Thu and Music Director Dinh Xuan Ha.

The joy of the Organizing Committee - The Classics club when the show ended successfully

While organizing the event, Cascata organizers encountered many difficulties as this is the first time The Classics had organized a show of such a large scale - for many people, the Opera House may just be a venue, but for classical music folks, this is like a "sanctuary". I remember, once, I had to stay up for more than 30 hours because I couldn't finish the work, many problems arise, and I was also worried because it was our responsibility to create a concert at this cultural heritage site with nearly 600 audiences.

The mission of The Classics is to create a fun environment for those who love classical and spread the sound of classical art, so I hope that one day I will return to the club as a new member. I believe what The Classics is creating can become a great destination for classics lovers, not only for Ams students but for students across the city!”

Let's review the memorable moments of the show with Ams Wide Web!

Concert Cascata 2022 was a very special music night, full of significant meaning and inspiration for students. Ams Wide Web wishes that The Classics will fulfill its mission and successfully organize more great classic music events in the future!

Reporter: Nhu Ha Xuan Anh - Geography 2124

Photo: Provided by The Classics

Translator: Nguyen Khanh Linh - English 2 2023