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Post by: trangtrang | 02/12/2019 | 160 reads

Referring to November 20, we cannot help but remember the teachers who worked day and night, devoting themselves to the cause of planting people. By the way, let's listen to the sharing of teacher Nguyen Thi Phuong Tra - the enthusiastic ferryman.

Reporter: Teacher, what brought you to the field of education?

I came to the job by chance. Back then, I had never thought that I would become a teacher like I am now, but after researching and learning a lot of things at Hanoi Pedagogical University, I became more in love and decided to stick my life to this profession.

Teacher Nguyen Thi Phuong Tra gracefully dressed in a long dress

Reporter: Teacher, why did you choose Ams as a school to stick with your career?

Before returning to Ams, I have taught at many other schools and Ams was the fifth school to mark my teaching career. But I decided to stop at Ams because it is a place with a good teaching environment as well as excellent student quality, and is also a place for me to enthusiastically convey my teaching passion. Simply the best.

Reporter: In your opinion, what determines the success of a teacher?

To guarantee the success of a teacher, perhaps the most important thing is the professional knowledge, the second is the ability to convey, attract students through lectures and to inspire students master. Being active in learning as well as seeking additional knowledge, this is a great requirement for teachers. In addition, teachers must also have love and fairness with the students. All of which will bring success to teachers.

Reporter: Ma'am, what positive changes did your career bring you?

A lot of people have asked me, "Why is Mrs. Tra so young?" I think that because when I am teacher, I am able to interact with students in her teens, so her style and thinking changed. changed, more youthful, more fun.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Tra with a cheerful smile

Reporter: Ma'am, November 20- every year, what was the most memorable thing left in you?

Perhaps the most memorable thing was the image of old students returning to visit me. No matter how busy and far away, the students in that year still think of me, and send greetings and beautiful flowers that made me feel extremely warm and touched.

Reporter: Ma'am, do you have any advice or advice for young people, students have a dream to become a teacher?

Young people today the dream of becoming a teacher is a very valuable and encouraging thing to encourage because teaching has never been so simple. For every age, there are unique requirements for each teacher, for example, knowledge is the most important thing today, followed by how to spread your fire to students. If you are passionate about your job, then be brave, keep moving on with your dreams.

On 11/20, I would like to wish the teachers the best. I wish the teachers to fulfill their noble mission in the hundred years of planting people and in the country's renewal process.

Reporter: Tran Yen Nhi - France 2 1821

Translator: Le Minh Ha - English 2 1922