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Exploring the modern school of Amsers

Post by: trangtrang | 03/06/2018 | 1896 reads

Speaking of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School For the Gifted, people perhaps are not only amazed by the academic achievements and extracurricular activities of the talented Amsers, but are also amazed by the majestic beauty and comfort of the learning environment that makes every student in the capital dream of coming to once.

Located at No. 1 Hoang Minh Giam Street in an area of nearly 5 ha, the school had won First prize in the 2010 National Architecture Competition and was awarded with the title "Work celebrating the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long - Hanoi" on the opening ceremony of the school year 2010-2011. Once recognized as the nation's most modern school, Hanoi - Amsterdam High School still withholds its beauty. This is also a place where precious memories and lessons in the journey of knowledge discovery of generations of teachers and students have taken place. Let's take a tour with Ams Wide Web reporter!

Gates and terrace architecture

The first impression when setting foot into Ams is the white field gate in between familiar orange brick blocks. The Ams school gate is special in a way that it does not give off a caged, closed off impression, on the contrary, it looks very welcoming and modern. Visible from the entrance gate are large buildings that make many people think they are in front of a national convention center. Walking up the grand staircase, one may feel as though one is entering the Hall of knowledge and wisdom, where in the highest place is the image of President Ho Chi Minh. The image of Him makes Amsers attending school everyday remind themselves to study and practice more, owning up to the title of elite students, worthy of the teachings of Him.


Kết quả hình ảnh cho TRƯỜNG AMS

Ams has an impressive appearance



Apart from halls A, B, C, each floor’s hallways are also suitable for Amsers to freely do group activities

With a large area, Ams has 3 halls A, B, C for students to do extra-curricular activities, hold events, play, even to have breaks and rest after stressful school hours. It is in the hall that many memories in the 1000-day journey of each Amser are made. None can forget the hot but exciting summer days with Crowd Dance, none can be more fun than the days of NHAT activities, such as pre-events, Musicals Festival ... or the warm and glorious Prom nights. It was also there in the hallway the hours of club's activities, months of practice and events all help fabricated the memories about school life.

Canteen and cafeteria

There was a joke: "You cannot starve at Ams", in fact, the dishes at Ams are extremely diverse. "Traditional" dishes such as cup noodles, mixed noodles, bread, sticky rice ... at the canteen has been addictive to so many generations of students, that no matter what heaven the future may be, no place will have the same feeling as the canteen at Ams. Sometimes bored of the canteen, Amsers go down to the cafeteria for a change in diet, nutritious dishes like pho, vermicelli, rice noodle, rice, etc. are all ready to serve. Which is why when studying at Am, you will always be nutritionally well taken care of after each tough day at school!

 Kết quả hình ảnh cho canteen trường ams

Amsers being happy with the canteen food

Pitch and gymnasium

The soccer ground was upgraded with artificial grass patches, ready for all outdoor activities. Not only that, the large gymnasium with wooden flooring has also been the "spring sky" of generations, gym classes, basketball practices, and times sitting on the bench witnessed the fierce competition are hard to forget. In addition to the gymnasium, there are also a swimming pool, a gym, a tennis court, etc. Such a modern environment that is really worth learning and practicing at, isn't it?


Physical activities indoors or outdoors, Ams can take care of it all!


The classrooms in Ams are not too large, but they are really cozy and comfortable. Classrooms are not only equipped with air conditioning, projectors, sound speakers, but also shared and private lockers; each student has his or her own locker. The modern and standardized learning environment has always heightened the student's academic morale, and perhaps even contributes to the national and international achievements of Amsers!


Clean new classrooms, fully equipped with education tools


The pen tower symbolizing the studying spirit of Amsers

"Ams not only prides itself on the quality of education, but also on its facilities," Amser shared with AWW. Hanoi - Amsterdam HIgh School For the Gifted is always proud of its modern and spacious school, which is not only home to talented students but also contains many memories of school days, treasureable feelings for teachers, friends that wherever each Amser may go, they would not forget! Amsers, together let's cherish and protect the school, so that it is always modern and lovely!

Reporter: Dinh Dieu Linh - Literature 1720

Photos: Collected from the Internet

Translator: Vi Giang – Chinese 1720

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