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On the morning of March 20, students of dual degree classes, Oxford and Cambridge, have had the opportunity to attend a tour around JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi in order to broaden their knowledge about hospitality management.

   JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi

Arriving at 10:30, the students and teachers were welcomed by Ms. Pham Thanh Hang, Training Executive of JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi.The tour brought them to 6 places altogether: Grand Ballroom, the Studio and Wedding Showroom, Lakeside and Phoenix Gazebo, Akira Back restaurant, Smack Dab Lounge and Wellbeing on 8. Through each and every place of visit, the students were introduced to its features, especially tiny but essential details and also the hidden meaning behind every single element.    

The students attentively listening to the introduction to the Grand Ballroom

The first stop was the Grand Ballroom. This is the largest meeting room in the hotel, having the capability to accommodate nearly 1000 guests and cater for various events. The tour guide shared that it could be divided into smaller parts in order to suit the purpose and the scale of the event. Later on, the students were led to the Studio and Wedding Showroom. While the Studio is designated perfectly for businessmen, the Wedding Showroom is an ideal place for couples to plan their dream wedding with the professional wedding services. The guides revealed that the profits earned from the wedding services have always contributed a significant part to the revenue of the hotel.

JW Marriott Hanoi Hotel is considered to be one of the most luxurious and professional wedding planners in Hanoi

The third stop was the Lakeside, including the Dragon Tunnel and the Phoenix Gazebo. The students were amazed by the painted walls of the tunnel. These were the result of 3 months of effortful designing and hand-painting by chef Do Chi Cuong and his son. The main theme of the paintings is Vietnam history, thus they contain a lot of familiar and distinctive images of Vietnam. The guide unveiled the fact that initially, this tunnel was built to play its only role: a walkway connecting the outside with the inside; but since last year, it is no longer just a regular walkway but has become a popular spot for check-ins.

The students inside the Dragon Tunnel

The next places on the list was Akira Back restaurant and Smack Dab Lounge. The students got to know fascinating facts about the restaurant: from every single detail like a plate or a fork to the structure, the feng shui elements and most importantly, the compelling stories behind them. The Smack Dab Lounge is a casino-styled, dynamic bar which serves a wide range of beverages. After a delicious feast at Akira Back, there could never be a better choice than unwinding and chilling at Smack Dab. The guide pointed out little delights and their important role in comforting the customers. With the motto “customers’ convenience first”, JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi does everything thoughtfully and always consider the well-being of the customers their number one priority. The students could see this clearly when they visited a standard room and Wellbeing on 8.

During the tour, the students ardently raised their novel ideas by excellently responding to the queries of the guides and bringing up numerous interesting questions on the subject. All the inquiries were answered carefully, providing the students with not only new business strategies but also considerable knowledge on many other issues in hospitality management. Thanks to the helpful and friendly attitude of the guides, the atmosphere of the tour was charged with excitement, intriguing the students’ curiosity and desire to learn and know more in this area.

The tour has successfully given the students an insight into the hotel business. Not only was the tour a wonderful chance for the dual-degree students to obtain a great understanding of the field but it was also an amazing memory for them.

Reporter: Minh Anh - Russian English 1821

Photos: Dao Hoang Ha - Oxford 1821

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