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Talking with Chinese-English class' "senior brother": Nguyen Duc Cuong

Post by: trangtrang | 01/12/2019 | 300 reads

From the very first moment, Mr. Cuong has made an unforgettable impression on Class 12 Chinese-English. With a youthful appearance, he came across more as a student than as a Math teacher. However, after over 1 years together, his Math sessions are no longer restricted to math exercises and are filled with jokes, laughter and personal narratives about the students’ lives as well as their relatives’.

Reporter: Greetings! As my first words, we would like to thank you for having taken your precious time to join us AWW today. What are your first impressions of Amsers when you started teaching at our schools and have any of those impressions changed throughout the past one year?

When I start teaching at this school, I have quite of an expectation that Amsers would not be close with us teachers because you are students from the capital. I came from the countryside, and have been used to the intimate vibe there. I vividly remembered the day we parted with our teachers when everyone sobbed. That’s why I can’t avoid comparisons.

Nonetheless, after one year of teaching, I have had a drastic change of mind. Amsers are not only close-knit with their teachers but also very caring when they see that their teachers are under the weather. Another fact is although Amsers are very talented, many of them have yet to realize their potentials and therefore are more reserved and don’t trust themselves enough. Little do they know they are the cream of the generation, the future of the nations! Not for long!

Nguyen Duc Cuong, Mathematics teacher

Reporter: Do you have any unforgettable memories that you would like to share?

It must be my first time entering 11 Chinese-English (12 Chinese-English as of now). At that time, all of them look at me as if I were an alien. I truly cannot forget their eyes back then, very genuine and adorable indeed. 

Reporter: Can you share your best memories of Teachers’ National Day when you are still in school?

I can’t remember any details now, but Teachers’ National Day has always been memorable for me. Back then, I was little, but I had a big heart for all my teachers (although frequently scolded by them) and gifted them with self-made paper roses covered in newspapers.

When I was in grade 10, all of my classmates left their homeland to study in School for the Gifted, but we had a promise to return to our secondary school. Although not everyone had the chance to return, most of us came to our teachers’ houses to greet our teachers, reminisce about our good old times and tell them about our new lives in the city. Simple love but heart-warming.

12 Chinese-English and Mr. Cuong

Reporter: As a new teacher, do you have any difficulties in your work?

The biggest challenge for me throughout my time at Ams is that students have very diverse directions even in the same class. Some students only need to graduate; others want to take the university exam. Balancing the class altogether really gives me headache! Seldomly, there are students who do not manage their time well enough, and are so focused either on extracurricular activities or standardised tests such as SAT and IELTS and applications that they neglect class,

Another problem is that students not only at Ams, but other schools as well, have not found the ultimate purpose of learning Math and its application in life. Most students only know how to solve inequalities, or to survey the function of finding the max and min, but have not seen its great application in optimal problems and economic problems. They know how to solve logarithmic equations, calculate interest rates, but do not know that Warren Buffett once said: “There are three things that make my great fortune: Good genes keep me alive, America with opportunities. great opportunity, and most importantly, the third is compound interest. ”

Reporter: Finally, on the occasion of 11/20, do you have any words to say to the students?

Be confident, and live a disciplined life. Discipline is not a constraint that prevents you from coming to the world, it does not rob you of your freedom. On the contrary, one day you will understand: discipline is power, the source of freedom, without discipline there will be no freedom. What you are hallucinating is that you are creating your own freedom, by letting yourself go so much, being so easy to yourself, it is an invisible prison that only in the future, when you go to work and you. You will see.

Being disciplined, in fact, is very simple, such as setting goals for each day at this desk for several hours; 4-5 hours a week to exercise this; what time do you go to bed and how many hours are up before; don't go to school late; drink at least 2 liters of water a day, take a small sip every 15 minutes ... these things are very simple, but will give you an incredible foundation!

Thanks again to the teacher for taking the time to interview today! On 20/10, I wish you always good health, happiness and good luck in your success in life!

Reporter: Doan Thi Thanh Ha - Trung 1720


Photo: NVCC

Translator: Dinh Khanh Linh - English 1 1821

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