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Presenting the organizers of the 2019 Ngay Hoi Anh Tai with rewards

Post by: trangtrang | 19/09/2019 | 215 reads

The evening of September 14th saw the final night of the 2019 Ngay Hoi Anh Tai taking place successfully. On Monday morning, September 16th, a ceremony to present the organizers of NHAT ‘19 with rewards was held on the Hanoi - Amsterdam schoolyard.

To open the ceremony, Mrs Duong Tu Anh - Vice Principal - made a speech, during which, on behalf of the school board, she thanked the member teachers of the school’s Education Council, the students’ parents, the students themselves and especially the organizers of Ngay Hoi Anh Tai for their contributions to make this NHAT season a success. She affirmed with pride that the treasured Hanoi - Amsterdam tradition would always be preserved by the brilliant, talented and spirited generations of Amsers.

After that, Mrs Le Thi Oanh - Party Committee Secretary and Principal, representing the school board - went on to present the organizers of NHAT ‘19 with rewards. The representatives of the organizing team of NHAT ‘19, Mr Truong Nam Phuong - Secretary of the school’s Communist Youth Union, Mr Nguyen Van Dinh - Deputy Secretary, Ms Phan Hong Anh - Secretary of Teachers’ Communist Union and Nguyen Hanh Nguyen from class 12 Literature - Deputy Secretary of the school’s Communist Youth Union and Head Organizer of NHAT ‘19, went on stage to receive gifts from the school board.

From left to right: Nguyen Hanh Nguyen, Ms Phan Hong Anh, Mr Nguyen Van Dinh, Mr Truong Nam Phuong and Mrs Le Thi Oanh

Along with Ams Wide Web, let’s talk to Head Organizer of NHAT ‘19 - Hanh Nguyen (12 Literature) to better understand the minds behind the success of this NHAT season!

Hello Hanh Nguyen! Thank you for agreeing to this interview. Being a member of the organizing team of NHAT, how do you feel after another NHAT season has passed?

Having organized NHAT for 2 years, my feelings towards each season of NHAT differ. Generally speaking though, sorrow comes with anything ending; what’s important is the things you’ve accomplished and the things that linger after the end of a 6-month NHAT season (laughs). I’m happy as I, together with the Executive Committee of the school’s Communist Youth Union and the organizers, have created a accomplished NHAT; I don’t want to assume the success and the harmony, but I believe this is a NHAT season full of emotions and love, not just the love for your specializations and the frequently mentioned NHAT spirit; NHAT ‘19 truly witnessed an unexpected bond between the specializations and the organizers as well. As for whether organizing NHAT was tiring, it was honestly exhausting for me, but it was totally worth it. Basically, while organizing NHAT I just wished for it to be over, but when NHAT was actually over I missed NHAT, the work and the people dearly.

What are the things that you’re proudest of and regret the most when organizing NHAT?

There are 2 things that I will never regret, first is enrolling in Ams, second is organizing NHAT. Organizing NHAT helped me realize many things, helped me see who I am and helped me gain a different perspective of everything. The number of things that I feel happy and proud about is indefinite, but with NHAT ‘19, I’m proudest of our successfully passing on our love and passion for the 18-21 generation, and I’m happiest about me and the representatives of specializations breaking the presumption of “the tension among representatives of specializations”. It’s NHAT after all; it can’t be NHAT without the competitiveness. But after everything, we had a NHAT season full of devotion for our specializations and love for each other.

Head Organizer and 13 representatives from 13 specializations in Ngay Hoi Anh Tai 2019

Do you have anything to say to the organizers of subsequent NHATs?

I have many things to say, but for me the most important thing to create a successful NHAT season is trust. Trust in yourself, and trust in each other, because you need trust to overcome obstacles together. Additionally, there needs to be trust in the continuation and growth of NHAT and also trust in your own goals for your own NHAT. Ngay Hoi Anh Tai is essentially the soul of Ams, so I just hope that this year, next year and beyond, the Amser spirit, the spirit of Ngay Hoi Anh Tai will always burn like this. Don’t forget to treasure your time together as well, because for me, 1000 days at Ams, along with 3 seasons of NHAT, will be the most remarkable 1000 days that I will never get back.

Another NHAT season has passed with many unforgettable memories. Here’s to hope that NHAT will become a stable drive for the students to begin the new school year with enthusiasm. We wish you a school year full of activities, positivity and success.


Reporter: Tran Kieu Anh - History 1720

Photo: Ngo Vu Hoai Thanh - French 2 1720

Translator: Dinh Thu Ngan - English 1922