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Getting to know Tran Ha Phuong: A prominent, competent, and passionate French major

Post by: trangtrang | 02/04/2019 | 472 reads

As the anniversary of the founding of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union draws near, let us pay tribute to its excellent members. On the occasion, reporters at Ams Wide Web are honored to have with us Tran Ha Phuong, a 16-19 French major. As a model student and a competent Amser, Ha Phuong has earned herself numerous academic and extracurricular achievements, most prominent of which is her position as the Vice-President of Hanoi Food Rescue in 2017 and 2018, as well as her First Prize in the National Contest in French in the school year of 2018-2019.

Reporter: Hello, Ha Phuong. During the twelve school years, you have earned many academic achievements, and do you have any tips on this you want to share?

Tran Ha Phuong: Actually, my accomplishments, if compared with those of my friends, doesn’t stand out that much; however, there are a few that I’m really proud of. First of all, it is crucial that you clearly set your own goals. I’ve always put much emphasis on self-study, instead of taking too many extra classes. Self-study can be the most effect means of learning, as you can hone your responsibility and obtain, as well as retain more knowledge simultaneously. After that, a long-term plan is necessary, and always strive to complete what you’ve set your heart on.

Tran Ha Phuong

Reporter: As you used to be a Vice-President of a large organization, as well as participated in many projects, how did you strike a balance between studying and academic activities?

From the moment I started studying here, I’ve decided that I will use my three years to accomplish my desires. As a result, instead of solely studying like when I was in primary and secondary school, I always strive to participate in extracurricular activities. In order to strike a balance, I would set myself yearly goals. In grade 10 and 11, I will focus on extracurricular activities to figure out my likings and abilities. However, in grade 12, I plann to refrain from these works and focus more on studying, as it is when I have enough experience, but still need to study more. I try to study by myself a lot, focus in class, so that in the evening I can concentrate on my projects and other activities.

Reporter: Can you share some of your most precious memories during your three years at Ams?

My three years at Ams have changed me immensely. To me, the time during which I was an Ambassador for the French major in NHAT 2018: Palette has got to be the most memorable. I made a lot of new friends, learnt more about life as well as other lessons, along with endless fun while working with others in both my major and others, and the bonds we created. I think this is my most precious memories during my high school years.

Reporter: You’re about to graduate from high school in the near future, so what do you plan for the future?

Right now, I’m waiting for the application results of some French universities. I’m currently working on my soft skills, as well as further enhancing my physical abilities. And my most important plan at the moment is travelling to France and major in Information Technology next August.

We hope that your future plans will succeed with flying colors, and thank you very much for the talk today.


Reporter: Luong Nguyet Khanh - French 2 18-21

Translator: Doan The Vinh - English 1 18-21