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School Safety, Security and Drug Prevention Education

Post by: trangtrang | 09/11/2018 | 536 reads


During the extra-curricular session on Monday, November 4th, Officer Vo Quoc Khanh, Secretary of the Youth Union, Drug Prevention Team, representing the Ha Noi Department of Security, held a talk show with students of Hanoi – Amsterdam High School for the Gifted about the negative effects of drugs and the responsibility of students and the school board in terms of drug prevention.

Drug Prevention in high schools is one of the most alarming problems of school safety and security. However, to combat this social evil, first and foremost, we need to understand “What are drugs?”. Officer Vo Quoc Khanh introduced different types of drugs to students. Drug is an addictive substance, it is forbidden in Viet Nam. Drugs have many forms: refined form and prepared form, for instance, American weed or opium. There are types of drug that are medicine, but overusing them may still lead to unanticipated consequences such as morphine. Although laughing gas balloons or shisha are not drugs, they have negative impacts on human beings like other drugs.


Officer Vo Quoc Khanh during the talk show with students of Hanoi – Amsterdam High School for the Gifted

Officer Vo Quoc Khanh continued to point out unforeseeable consequences caused by drugs. Drugs affect nerves, causing users to fall into the state of hallucination and take uncontrollable actions, therefore they can be easily influenced to commit a crime. Abusing drugs for a long period of time will cause addiction and reduce health condition. Students’ use of drugs results in neglect of their study, constant lack of consciousness. Drugs have a negative influence on not only users themselves, but also their families and friends.

Officer Vo Quoc Khanh also socialized and made questions for students, told stories of people he had met, his personal experiences, making the talk show even more interesting.

Officer Vo Quoc Khanh interacting with students

School Security and Drug Prevention Education is the responsibility of all students, the school board and the society as a whole. The school should be responsible for disseminating this issue to students. Students should learn self-control, avoid being lured into using drugs. Each individual of the society has to make every effort to prevent drugs for a better future for mankind and future generations.

Reporter: Luong Nguyet Khanh – French 2 1821

Photos: Ngo Vu Hoai Thanh – French 2 1720

Translated by: Thai Nguyen Nhat Minh – English 2 1720