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Post by: trangtrang | 04/06/2018 | 757 reads

Made in 12 has long been a hallmark of the senior Amser with a series of meaningful events marking the unforgettable memories of the 12th graders with teachers and friends. 18h00 on 24/5/2018 at the 700 Hall of the Hanoi-Amsterdam High School, the farewell ceremony of the Class of 2018 was held with the theme: Last summer. The ceremony marked the end of the summertime for 15-18 students at the Hanoi-Amsterdam High School.

Guests of the ceremony included: Mr.  Do Lenh Dien, former school principal, Mrs. Le Thi Oanh, Secretary of the Party Committee, school principal; Mr. Bui Van Phuc, Vice Principal; Mr. Ho Quoc Viet, Vice Principal; Mr. Nguyen Dinh Vinh, Vice Principal; Mrs. Duong Tu Anh, Vice Principal; all the teachers who are strongly attached to the 12th graders during the past three school years; representatives of parents’ committee and over 500 students of Class of 2018.

At the beginning of the ceremony, all 500 Amers with their teachers together sang the school traditional song with great pride.

The opening of the ceremony is a traditional song of Hanoi-Amsterdam High School

Then, Mrs. Le Thi Oanh had sincere words to the students in grade 12: "The last summer is very special, not only for you, but for teachers too. Hanoi - Ams, where you live the happiest days, is slowly receeding into the past to make way for a brighter future. The days in Hanoi-Amsterdam have given you the values, the qualities that help you become more eloquent, help you become outstanding in your own ways. "We will miss English 1, English 2 with a lot of passion," she said, "We love the carefree nature of Chemistry 1, Chemistry 2; 39 girls and boys from Physics 1, 2 who study all the time but still present in all the fun; 36 members of Literature class who do not need fairies but still gorgeous and beautiful". Mrs. Oanh also expressed pride about Class of ’18 for contributing to the history of Hanoi-Amsterdam with 18 international medals, 25 national first prizes. Finally, the teacher remarked: "In just a few months, you will go to college, you will learn what the high school never taughtWe want you to understand that success is not from luck, but is the result of hard work and enthusiasm. Never give up your passion, pursue it and live it, attach your name to any prestigious universities. Bring with you the pride of the nation and the beautiful memories you have in Hanoi -Amsterdam. Come back here whenever you feel tired. Your presence is always a miracle here. "

On behalf of all the 15-18 lesson teachers and teachers, Mrs. Han Thuy had some remarks about 15 - 18: "Dear students, all the teachers are very excited and proud to accompany you on the train no.15-18. From being little girls, little boys, you all grow up in awareness, more mature in thought and more skillful in behavior." She also expressed her pride in her students’ accomplishments and showed her confidence in the ’18 class in the upcoming exams. 

Mr. Pham Nguyen Minh, head of school’s parent committee, thanked the teachers who helped the 12th graders go through high school. He said: "We, parents, have the job of raising children, but it is the teachers who help to make them who they are today". He also expressed his wish that all Amsers will try their best in the upcoming university exam and in the environment you will be integrated in after leaving Ams to make us proud. 

Following in  the event was the speech of Duc Huy, representing more than 500 students. "Hanoi-Amsterdam has given wings to our dreams. This is where we are loved by teachers, where we have good memories with our friends." Huy confirmed that he would never forget Hanoi-Amsterdam High school and would always try to spread the reputation of his school.

The three-year journey recap performance of the Amsers 15-18 made the whole audience burst out in excitement. Nearly 700 people, both senior students, teachers and parents had gone from timid to rejoicing, attached. The song "Want to cry really loud" by Minh Chau (12 Chinese) brought out emotions of everyone in remembering their parents’ support.

At the end of the ceremony, Mrs. Le Thi Oanh called the last drum that ended the twelve-year period as a student in the emotion of more than 500 Amsers.

The last drum of the 12 years of school resounded emotionally throughout the hall.

During the festival after the ceremony, all the classes joined together to create fun, meaningful performances that marked the maturity of themselves.


The Amsers have had a good farewell day together

The tight hugs in tears of the senior students

So the 1000-day journey in Ams of 15-18 had reached its destination. The beautiful summer in Ams ended. But in every Amsers 15-18, the last summer will never stop burning, never the "old thing". On behalf of the Ams Wide Web Editorial Board, we wish all 500+ Amsers 15-18 will be successful in their chosen path, always remembering Hanoi-Amsterdam as a home to return to.

"Once Amser, Forever Amser"


Interviewer: Linh Chi – Literature 1619

Photos: Pham Thi Ngan Ha - Chemistry 2 1518

Translate: Dao Hoang Mai – English 1 1619