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Hanoi-Amsterdam High school for the Gifted continued to be the leading team of Hanoi in the National Excellent student contest 2019 - 2020

Post by: trangtrang | 31/01/2020 | 802 reads

Afternoon 15/1, the Ministry of Education had published the results of National Excellent student contest 2019 - 2020. Hanoi - Ams joined the contest with 112 students, achieved 94 prizes, including 13 1st prizes, 34 2nd prizes, 27 3rd prizes and 20 Consolation prizes. 


The National Excellent student contest for High school 2019 - 2020 started from 27 - 29/12/2019 with 12 subjects. This year, the contest attracted 4.400 excellent students, coming from 63 cities and provinces all over the country. Hanoi’s team joined the contest with 184 students, in which 114 were from Hanoi - Amsterdam High School. Moreover, we were proud to have 2 students from Grade 10 being able to participate in the competition.

In this year’s contest, Hanoi continued to be the leading team with 144 prizes, including 15 1st prizes. Hanoi - Amsterdam High school contributed 94 prizes to the team, in which there were up to 13 1st prizes. Specific numbers of 1st prizes in each subject were:

- Mathematics: 1 prize

- Information Technology: 1 prize

- Physics: 3 prizes 

- Chemistry: 3 prizes

- Biology: 2 prizes

- Geography: 1 prize

- English: 2 prizes

While in National Excellent student contest 2018 - 2019, pupils of Hanoi - Amsterdam High school for the Gifted had achieved 84 prizes with 11 1st prizes, at this year’s contest, we had made huge progress by gaining exceptional results: 94 prizes, including 13 out of 15 1st prizes of Hanoi’s team. 

French team had the highest prize rate (100%), followed by English (95%), Chemistry (93%), Mathematics (92%), Biology (90%), History and Physics (80%).

Some pictures of the National Excellent student contest team of Hanoi at K9 site


Physics team

Mathematics team

Achievements that Amsers had gained in the National Excellent student contest 2019-2020 with wholehearted effort from teachers has become a great pride for not only teachers but also students of Hanoi - Amsterdam High school for the Gifted, putting an end to a remarkable year of 2019. Congratulations on the students who had worked to their fullest and gained high achievements in this year’s contest. We hope that you will continue to try harder in order to achieve higher results in upcoming competitions, following invaluable traditions of HN- Amsterdam.

Reporter: Nguyen Tung Duong - History 1922

Translator: Truong Hai Ha - English 1922