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Meet the members of the school team for the Contest for Excellent Students of both Secondary and High school levels

Post by: trangtrang | 21/10/2019 | 523 reads

On the morning of October 21st, 2019, a meeting between 450 students who would participate in the City Round 2 and District Contest for Excellent Students and their teachers took place at 700-seat Hall at Hanoi-Amsterdam High school for the Gifted. The meeting had a very intimate feeling to it and contributed to the encouragement of teachers and students of the team.

At the beginning of the meeting, PhD. Le Thi Oanh - the Secretary of the Party Committee and the Principal of the school sent greetings to all the excellent students who had made it to the school team, praised and paid tribute to both teachers and students for their spirits and persistent efforts throughout the past period. Besides, she signified the importance of the contests, advised the students on methods of handling the tests, as well as sent her best wishes to the team. She put her faith in the ability, knowledge, and enthusiasm of all the students.


 PhD. Le Thi Oanh - the Secretary of the Party Committee and the Principal of Hanoi-Amsterdam

Representing the students participating in the team, Duong Trung Kien (Student of 12 Chemistry and the Chemistry Team) and Dang Tran Bao Khue ( Student of 9D and the English Team) expressed their gratitude towards the teachers and the parents who had incessantly supported them and vowed to devote themselves to the fullest to bring good news home and on the golden pages of the school.

Duong Trung Kien (12 Chemistry 1 - Chemistry team)

Next, the school representatives sent the team individual care and special encouragement alongside small gifts as an incentive for them to perform well in the upcoming contest.

 Small gifts presented to the teams

Images of the High school team:

Mathematics team

English team

Images of the Secondary school team:

 Computer Science team

 Geography team

The meeting has been a great source of motivation for the candidates taking the Contests for Excellent Students on all levels to achieve outstanding results. On behalf of the website editors. we wish that you will take the test calmly, confidently and bring back remarkable victories.

Reporter: Ngo Vu Hoai Thanh - French 2 1720

Translator: Doan The Vinh - English 1 1821