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Vietnamese educational quality appeals to international students

Post by: trangtrang | 17/08/2019 | 506 reads

In the age of integration and globalization, Vietnamese education is increasingly developing the teaching and training quality in the hope that our country’s education would be able to stand by the five  great continents. The educational co-operation programs are being increasingly expanded with international standardized models, attracting foreign pupils and students.

According to statistics, every year, there are thousands of Vietnamese pupils and students study abroad with astronomical expenses in the hope that they will be able to study in a modern, high-quality environment of the developed countries. However, in the latest years, there is an increasingly popular trend of studying in Vietnam, among not only Vietnamese students but also international students. 

Studying in Vietnam offers foreign students an international standardized studying environment through the cross-border co-operation programmes between domestic schools and foreign schools. In order to guarantee the cross-border co-operation education, schools must meet the standards which their partners had required in terms of infrastructure, training syllabus, teachers’ qualifications,... A number of top-tier universities in the world have been developing and building branches in Vietnam, such as the global university of RMIT or British University Vietnam (BUV). 

Not only are the students guaranteed a high-quality studying environment, those who study in cross-border co-operation models are also granted international recognised degrees which are widely used for admission to top universities in the world. Various high schools in Vietnam have the Dual-degree Baccalaureate programme including GCSE in Vietnam and  A-Level certificate, such as Hanoi-Amsterdam High School for the Gifted. A-Level students are accepted for direct admission to most universities in the world, including universities in the UK and more than 450 universities in the United States.

In the school year of 2018-2019, Hanoi-Amsterdam High School for the Gifted has welcomed the first ever dual-degree Amsers, including foreign students. Lately, Ams Wide Web reporter had a conversation with a Korean Amser Jo Hanul, a 6th-grader in the Manchester class of Dual-dergree programme. Hanul shared with us: “My family decided to live in Vietnam and send me to local schools because they think Vietnam would be a favorable environment for me to develop my ability and help me increase my chances of getting into high-quality schools. After a school year studying here, I feel this is a right choice since the studying environment is wonderful. Our curriculum not only ensures general knowledge but also enhances creativity and practicality, teachers and friends also helped me a lot in the learning and training process.” 

In addition to the international co-operation models, domestic universities and high schools are progressively improving teaching quality and the output. Vietnam education has had “not so little” achievements in comparison to the world with prestigious awards and medals in the international knowledge arena with a great number of excellent students who have earned grand scholarships from the world’s top universities. 

Vietnam education quality is improving and enhancing to an increasing extent in order to open up more opportunities for domestic students as well as attracting international students to come here to study and experience. Studying in Vietnam is gradually becoming a considerable choice to make for global students by virtue of reasonable costs along with chances to study in a high-quality international standardized environment.

Reporter: Do Hanh Nhi - Chinese English 1720

Translator: Minh Anh - Russian English 1821