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The launch of the new Hanoi-Amsterdam High School website

Post by: Mai Thành Sơn | 27/06/2012 | 6737 reads

Officially in use for three years, since the school year of 2008-2009, after many times of upgrading, the Hanoi-Amsterdam High School for the Gifted website has completely undergone a "makeover"- into version 3, marking an enormous step towards transforming Hanoi-Amsterdam into an e-school.

Thanks to version 3’s beautiful and catchy interface; clear and user-friendly directory system, the website has met the need of any student, teacher, parent and any other who is interested in the development of the school.


Home page interface


The Album and Video pages are more scientifically arranged, which gives readers a better perspective on Hanoi-Amsterdam High School.


The online study page


The learning center

One of the main features is the Lecture Materials page that is divided for each subject. We are trying to build an online lecture material library including tests and study materials in order to give student easier access to information and turning the website into a reliable source for students.


The learning, material lectures page

The website administrator also upgrades the account system. With this new management, the website members can even participate in writing articles, but of course they will have to go through the administrator'censorship.  We do hope that in the upcoming time, each student and parent will have their personal email, which increases the efficiency of updating and receiving information towards the form of online communication book.


The new register and login interface


A specific article

Following the achievements of 2011 of the website's administrator, with this new face, we are striving to turn Hanoi-Amsterdam into an e-school, elevating the school's teaching and managing quality.

Journalist: Nguyen Tung (L2 09-12) & Le Duc Thuan

Translator: Thuc Anh (A2 11-14)




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