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On the afternoon of December 27, 2017, the 10th Ams' Got Talent Final Round - Quernecia was officially held at Hall 700, Hanoi - Amsterdam High School  . Surpassing 60 contestants / contestants in the preliminary round, this year's contest selected the 11 best entries in this final round: Tam Minh Hoang, Le Chi Bach and the rest of the world. , Vieux, Coincidance, HAMAC, HDC, 16 Fingers, DAC Band, LSD, Justice League and Cheer Ams.

Ams' Got Talent (also known as AGT) is an annual event held by the 11 English 1 Class of the Hanoi - Amsterdam High School.  With a view to lay a playground for Amsers to develop their talents, through 10 seasons, AGT increasingly left mark on the hearts of every student in Hanoi - Amsterdam. This year, with the theme of "Querencia" ( the source of strength in Spanish), Ams' Got Talent 10th season wishes that the Amsterdam-Amsterdam school in every Amser is a home, the place of fire for passion, to nourish the dreams of an early age, like the proverb that Amser always cherish: "Because Ams is home."

Le Thi Oanh, Secretary of the Party Committee and the Principal of the school having a few words.

Accompanying the competition as well as 11 contestants to participate in the final round can not mention the respectable Board of Judges. This is the judging panelwith the participation of "The Judge" Hoang Dung, Diva My Linh, Former Vietnam's Got Talent - Model / MC Thuy Hanh, MC - Actress Thanh Van Hugo, Dancer - Team leader SUD Crew Thang Nguyen and Ms. Natalia Hendrickson - Representative of IvyCation Diamond Sponsor will certainly bring about qualitative and enthusiastic comments to the contestants as well as the laughter of the audience. at the 700th conference hall.

Powerful but no less interesting judges

The opening show for this year's final was a Beatbox featuring Popping from Tam Minh Hoang. Viewers have been unable to take their eyes off the exciting soundtrack, the ingenious popping steps from the group's How I Met Minh Hoang show. Then, the auditorium went silent in the deep atmosphere of a beautiful but full of love story, told through the sweet and warm lyrics from Le Chi Bach and the rest of the world.

Tam Minh Hoang and How I Met Minh Hoang.

Warm and sweet melody from Le Chi Bach and the rest of the world

The third show continues to bring a vibrant and powerful atmosphere, and yet the hall was heated with rock music from Vieux with the mashup 2 songs  Supremacy and Scream. The show is set in the late 18th-century French Revolution with social conflicts and the inner struggles of the insiders. After going through three different singing performances with different levels, the program "went for a change" with a dance performance about the beautiful ethnic minorities couple of in the enthralling atmosphere of the glow of the love market from the Coincidance group.

Coincide group

The two traditional forms of martial arts and modern choreography have long been outdated, but thanks to the creativity and rigor of HAMAC's Martial Arts Club, The judges can't refrain from being amazed by the strong and definitive "blows" between the two sides workers - guards. Then, the sixth show from the HDC Dance Club only brought to us the not only master dance moves, but also hidden deep messages of war.

HDC dance club

The 7th is the hilarious piano melody from the Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 in Tom & Jerry's childhood movie, performed by two lovely guys from the 16-finger group. Continuingly, the eighth show told viewers about the lament and pain of the God of the sea in the Story Son Tinh – Thuy Tinh through the melody of the song God of the Sea.

the melody of the song God of the Sea

The 9th performance, which also featured in this year's finale, came from the Life's So Drama Drama Club (LSD), which won the 3rd prize at Ams' Got Talent. 9: Aquilae last year. Continuing with the non-verbal genre from the AGT9 Final Round, this time, LSD tells of the secret sounds from the grey areas of life, seemingly small but not unexpected to leave the incalculable consequences  - domestic violence. The play has taken away many tears from the audience at the final round.

One of the shows received praise as well as the thunderousapplause from the judges as well as viewers. A perfect combination of two piano and violin instruments, from melodious music in the famous La La Land movie and lyrical melodies from the popular song from the hit group Big Bang, Haru Haru. The 10th is from the Justice League. The last feature, the 11th, came from energetic and cheerful girls and guys  from the Cheer Ams Club.

Justice League

Ams' Got Talent 10: Querencia has officially closed and find out the names of the next Top 5: Tam Minh Hoang, Coincidance, HAMAC, LSD and finally the Justice League. Once again, Ams Wide Web would like to congratulate the participants who have successfully completed their competitions, as well as to thank the English Class 1 (16 - 19) AGT10  for their sophisticated preparation.

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Reporter: Mai Nhat Minh - History 1619 

Photo:  Ams' Got Talent 10: Querencia Organizing Committee

Translator: Dang Duc Anh English 2 1720


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