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The International Chemistry Olympiad 2021, hosted by Japan, was held in the form of an online competition from July 25 to August 2, 2021 with the participation of 79 countries and territories, in which students Nguyen Le Thao Anh and Nguyen Duy Anh, grade 12 of Chemistry 1, class 18-21 are 2 of the 3 candidates who have won the gold medal for the Vietnamese team. Let's listen to the sharing of these 2 Amser with Ams Wide Web reporters!

Amser Nguyen Le Thao Anh and Nguyen Duy Anh in the list of receiving gold medals in the International Chemistry Olympiad


Reporter: Hello and thank you for taking the time to do this interview. First of all, on behalf of the editorial board of the website of the Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, I would like to congratulate you as well as the Vietnam International Chemistry team for their excellent performance in the recent exam. Can you share a little bit of your feelings after learning that you have achieved such a proud achievement?

Thao Anh: Actually, this year's exam questions given by the host country Japan are quite long and difficult compared to recent years, so when I finished the test, I didn't feel very confident. The result was still unknown until the last minute, so it was heartbreaking to wait for the announcement. It was not until she heard the individual results as well as the group's results that she felt a little better. Actually, at first when I heard the results, I still felt that this was not true, because it was hard to believe that I had achieved the highest goal of a chemistry student in high school. At that time, her feelings were both proud and indescribably grateful.

Duy Anh: I was surprised, because this year's exam is generally difficult, there are many strong opponents, so this result is quite high compared to your expectations and the common ground of other candidates. He also feels proud when he can represent his country to register in such a big international arena, it feels like the athletes in the Olympic games. However, he also regretted that because of the complicated epidemic situation, he had to take the exam online, not being able to interact with other friends.

Reporter: With the current epidemic situation, you have to self-study at home without direct guidance from teachers. Do you have any difficulties or pressure in self-study?

Thao Anh: In fact, the team has been studying online regularly since mid-May, and since June, the leader has directed the team to focus on training, so the exam preparation process is combined online. and offline. The team received very enthusiastic guidance from teachers in both theory and practice, moreover, she also learned a lot from her friends in the team, so she did not feel affected. too much due to the Covid-19 situation. If there is difficulty or pressure, it's just that sometimes there are many difficult problems that I can't think of

Duy Anh: Actually, self-reviewing for me is not a strange or surprising thing anymore because I used to have a habit of self-reviewing after lessons, searching for materials to improve more. So when the epidemic broke out and he had to study at home, he was not passive and depended too much on the guidance of his teachers.

Reporter: In the process of studying or participating in big and small competitions, everyone will have their own difficulties and pressures. So what's the motivation that has helped you overcome so many challenges and opponents to bring home, as well as Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, the prestigious Gold Medal of the International Chemistry Olympiad?

Thao Anh: Having come a relatively long way with Chemistry, the first and most important motivation is definitely her passion for this subject. Perhaps when people look at her achievements, they will think that she has less to worry about exam problems, never feels bored, pressured or sometimes lacks self-esteem, but it actually happens. quite often. It's also difficult to avoid because I also see myself taking a lot of exams. At such times, she gives herself some time to think and adjust herself, reminding herself of the reason for choosing this subject, which is her passion and love for the subject. it. So it can be said that chemistry itself has been a great motivation for her. In addition, she is also very lucky to have the enthusiastic support of teachers, family and friends, so she also feels more energized during that tiring study process. This is also her sincere thanks to the teachers as well as those who have supported her during the past time. And especially, going to the competition with not only representing the colors of the flag and colors of Vietnam and the Hanoi - Amsterdam school but also representing the bravery of Amsers is also a huge motivation.

Duy Anh: To achieve the results like now, my motivation is the desire to show my ability. In order to get to where he is today, he had to pass the previous rounds and a hard practice process. During the review process, he also faced difficulties in knowledge and presentation, but finally overcame it. So before every difficulty, he always told himself that having come this far, he must be really capable. Using that as a motivation, he always told himself not to falter and move forward.

Reporter: Many people commented that Chemistry is a dry subject with many difficult formulas that are only suitable for boys. What do you think about this point of view and what makes you passionate, and especially love this subject?

Thao Anh: Perhaps because from the first days of getting acquainted with Chemistry, she has been in groups that are quite balanced in terms of gender, so she has never felt that the female sex is weaker in this subject. The Vietnamese team itself at IChO over the years has also had many excellent female individuals and the world chemistry in general has also witnessed many great works from female chemists. She remembers the monument of chemistry in her heart, Frances Arnold once said: "What I want to do is encourage women to take on this incredibly exciting and fun challenge to use their brains for the benefit of humanity but through science and technology". That statement inspired her to break her prejudices and persevere with her chosen path. Moreover, if you delve deeper, perhaps people will realize that Chemistry is also very beautiful, very interesting, not dry, although it is still very difficult, even with many phenomena, research is still very artistic. that. So there is no reason to hesitate to learn about that subject. Although her achievements are only very small compared to her predecessors, she hopes to be able to motivate the next Amsers, especially female Amsers, to persevere and stick to the scientific path. study you have chosen.

Duy Anh: I find this point of view really incorrect, because my personal Chemistry subject has many magical colors. This course itself is built to explain the magic of the world around us, so when approached and applied to real life, it will not be dry. Moreover, this subject absolutely does not discriminate between genders, Thao Anh is still doing very well in this subject. As for the fact that people find the formula difficult to remember, I think it all comes down to a basic root, so as long as I understand the basic principle, the formula will be in my head without having to memorize many formulas. I myself am a forgetful person, so I only remember the basic principles.

Reporter: The achievement of such a great and proud achievement must have brought you indescribable feelings of joy, do you want to share these special feelings with anyone?

Thao Anh: On this journey, there are really many wonderful people who have accompanied her: teachers, school, family and friends. Really, when I heard the results, I just wanted to run home to have fun with my friends, the one who was the most lazy was her sister who finally successfully completed the exam of her student life, but it is very sad that the epidemic situation is complicated. so we had to congratulate each other through the screen.

Duy Anh: When I received this result, I was very happy. He would like to share his thanks to Mr. Nguyen Hong Hai and Ms. Dao Nguyen Thu Ha for the teachers who gave him a lot of inspiration for this subject. Besides, I want to thank my family and friends who have always supported me mentally during my practice and difficult moments, thank you to everyone who always believed in me even though I was still struggling. I always feel a little self-conscious.

Reporter: So you have ended 3 years of study full of memories and remarkable academic achievements at the Hanoi - Amsterdam school. Can you share a few things with the next Amsers, as well as Do you have a passion for Chemistry?

Thao Anh: This year is the 7th year of her companionship with the Hanoi - Amsterdam school. Since 7 years is also a long time, there are enough happy memories. But I believe that each Amsers with different personalities will have their own way to write the story at this school in a different way, so instead of giving advice, I will send the most sincere best wishes to all. All of you: hope that no matter what happens, you will always be happy and enjoy your days in school uniform to the fullest. Well, if I have advice, I advise you to work hard in school uniforms a little more because if you have to stay home because of the epidemic like you and I, you won't have the opportunity to wear them anymore. Especially the chemistry majors, they have the desire to take part in the big exams, wish them always stay calm and confident in the face of all challenges and don't forget their passion for the subject they have chosen!

Duy Anh: Actually, although I have a good academic record, I still regret not participating in enough extracurricular activities, so I feel a bit empty. However, in the past 1000 days in Ams, he has participated in Talent Day and professional activities, so he also feels that he has a warm second home. Therefore, I want to share with the juniors, besides focusing on studying to achieve good results, I should also actively participate in extracurricular activities. Especially for the subject that they are pursuing, they must have their own orientation from the beginning, so that they will not be passive in the learning process and will achieve what they want. Because Amsers are always warriors who are not only talented and intelligent but also dynamic and brave, so I always believe in you.

Thank you for your sincere sharing, you will always be a shining example and a pride for generations of Amsers to follow to study and follow. On behalf of the Ams Wide Web editorial board, I wish you guys will always keep this fire of passion and continue to achieve greater success in the future.

Reporter: Dieu Ly - 2023

Photos: Internet

Translator: Do Thuan An - English 1 2023