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Commendation ceremony for Hanoi students winning First Prizes in the 2022-2023 National Olympiad

Post by: trangtrang | 18/03/2023 | 194 reads

On the afternoon of March 17, 2023, Hanoi’s Department of Education and Training (DoET) held a ceremony to commend and reward assembly and individuals with outstanding results in the national olympiad of 2022-2023. Attending the ceremony were nearly 100 officials from Excos of the DoET, School Boards with winning students, teachers of the teams, and 13 students who won First Prizes.


At this year's national competition, Hanoi entered with 12 teams, including 184 students participating in Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Informatics, Literature, History, Geography, English, French, Russian and Chinese.

Members of the selected teams came from 7 different schools: Hanoi - Amsterdam (122 students), Nguyen Hue (31 students), Chu Van An (25 students), Son Tay (3 students), Hanoi Academy (1 student), Thuong Tin (1 student) and Phung Khac Khoan - Thach That (1 student).

Representatives of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School speaking at the ceremony

All members of the teams were selected by Hanoi's DoET for careful coaching and training at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for 3 months to prepare for the competition. Hanoi's DoET also directed renovations of the facilities and equipment to ensure synchrony, modernity, and collaboration between schools and research institutes. The team of teachers have all been well-trained and possess great expertise, passion in their careers and a stellar record in preparing students for the contest. Leaders of the department and schools regularly checked in to motivate and boost the morale of the teachers and students.

Leaders of Hanoi’s Department of Education and Training awarding prizes to representatives of 6 participating schools

As a result, Hanoi students won 141 prizes out of a total of 184 participants (rate of success at 76.6%). There were 13 First, 46 Second, 41 Third and 41 Consolation (an increase of 16 prizes and 6 First compared to 2021-2022). With this achievement, Hanoi continues to top the country in the number of awards and the number of First Prizes.

Notably, Hanoi-Amsterdam High School had 100 prize-winning students (accounting for 70.9% of the city’s contestants). In particular, 12 English 1 is the only class in the whole nation where up to 6 students won First Prizes out of a total of 11 students winning prizes.

Do Thuan An, a student of 12 English 1, won First Prize at the National English Olympiad

At the ceremony, Director of the DoET - Tran The Cuong commended the outstanding achievements that the teachers and students of the city had achieved. He concurrently granted certificates of merit to representatives of 6 schools with competing students, 13 First Prize students and 13 teachers with great achievements in fostering excellence.

The officials presenting awards to the teachers of the Hanoi assembly.

Previously, Hanoi was also the leading region of the country in the national olympiad with 125 prize-winning individuals in the 2021-2022 school year.

On behalf of Ams Wide Web’s Editorial Board, we would like to cordially congratulate students on achieving exceptional outcomes in the National Olympiad of 2022-2023. We hope all schools and students will achieve even more achievements in the future!

Translator: Phương Hạnh Thùy Dương - English 1 2225