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Ams’ Got Talent XV's award ceremony: where Amsers' youth become “Erlebnisse”

Post by: trangtrang | 16/03/2023 | 368 reads

Ams' Got Talent (AGT) is a series of annual events organized by the Youth Union of 11 English 1 of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted. After 15 years of organization, AGT has become the place for Amsers' talents to shine and for Amsers to prove themselves. The award ceremony, especially, is considered the most special night of the series of events, where Amsers can express themselves and create beautiful memories of their youth. With the theme Erlebnisse - the Ams' Got Talent XV gala is a stop on the train ride named "youth" where every second becomes eternally radiant and priceless.

At 17:30 on March 11th, 2023, the award ceremony of Ams' Got Talent XV officially commenced at Hanoi Amsterdam High School for the Gifted's AB hall, marking the end of a successful AGT XV season. To open the ceremony, Ngô Châu Anh (11 English 1) - the Head Organizer of AGT XV had a speech where she paid tribute to the entire organizing committee, teachers, and parents who helped in the process of organizing, as well as the contestants who made AGT XV a colorful and memorable event.

The two hosts of the AGT XV awarding ceremony

Following that, the organizers of AGT effectively warmed up the atmosphere when the two hosts announced the competition results of the talented and passionate contestants. From the qualifier rounds to the preliminaries and the finals, the contestants of AGT XV had remarkable and outstanding performances. Overall, "Tội" won the Special Prize of Ams' Got Talent XV. With a no less remarkable performance in the final round, Cheer Ams won the First Prize, while the "Most-liked Contestant" award went to the group "Lời đồn thị phi" (Gossip) of the Life's So Drama club. Aside from that, with an emotional piano performance in the final round, Vương Gia Huy (11 Math 1) won the Best Individual prize.

The Special Prize of AGT XV belonged to “Tội”

Cheer Ams won First Place in AGT XV

With a breathtaking martial arts performance, HAMAC was awarded Second Place at the Finals

The group “Lời đồn thị phi” from Life’s So Drama won Third Place in AGT XV

The awarding ceremony of AGT XV also had the honor of hosting performing guests, namely singer Kiên Trịnh, rapper Gill, and DJ Lucin3x.



Kiên Trịnh, Rapper Gill, and DJ Lucin3x brought a vibrant and passionate atmosphere to the ceremony

After the remarkable performances of the guest stars, Amsers moved along the event venue to take pictures and record memories of the Gala.

Amsers at Gala AGT XV

The award ceremony of Ams' Got Talent officially ended, closing the fifteenth season of talent-seeking with worthy distinction. Everything helped cement a beautiful, special and memorable journey in every Amser's heart.

The award ceremony Ams’ Got Talent XV ended at 20.30 on March 11th.

And with that, the award ceremony of Ams' Got Talent officially closed, marking the success of a remarkable AGT XV season. Throughout that journey, the contestants truly shone and brought the audience elaborate performances. That was when Amsers got to be themselves and live with their passion, to excel and to create priceless memories as students. On behalf of Ams Wide Web's editorial department, we would like to deliver our most heartfelt thanks to the organizing team - the ones behind the success of AGT's fifteenth season, the teachers and the parents who stood by and facilitated the process of organizing the event. We would like to pay special tribute to the attendees and congratulate the talented and passionate contestants for giving us exceptional performances and enriching the color of youth for Ams' Got Talent XV, turning every second and minute into the “Erlebnisse” of our youth.

Translator: Phan Khánh An - English 1 2225

Image: Provided by the OC of Ams' Got Talent