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The 2023 “Green Learning Space” Contest: When every corner of Amsers’ classrooms is covered with greenery

Post by: trangtrang | 22/03/2023 | 443 reads

In response to the “Tree-planting Tet to commemorate Uncle Ho” movement celebrating the New Year of the Rabbit and the 92nd anniversary of the Ho Chi Minh’s Communist Youth Union (26/3/1931 - 26/3/2023), the Youth Union and Young Pioneers of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School carried out the plan to organize the contest “A Friendly Classroom: Green Learning Space” of 2023 and received a lot of attention from the Youth Branches.

Since forever, the lovely classrooms of the students of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted have been filled with greenery to their every nook and cranny. Last week, the Youth Unions and Young Pioneers were busy preparing for the competition, aiming to create a green learning space that is both environmentally friendly and radiates positive energy even after a long day of stressful classes. Without a doubt, through this competition, each class can hope to thoroughly understand the importance of keeping their learning space green, clean, and beautiful.

Greenery filling every nook and cranny of the classrooms

The lush green trees, neatly arranged in their clean and tidy classrooms, contributed to enhancing creativity and relieving stress for the students after class hours. The Youth Branches adorned their classrooms with not only the green of the trees but also vibrant drawings and colorful handicraft made by the hands of members of each class themselves. Perhaps, this highlight helped create a “miniature world” filled with the love, sweats, and tears that these students devoted to their classrooms and to their homely called “second home” - beloved Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted.

Pictures drawn by the creative members of the 10 English 2 Branch

Miniature objects made the classroom space all the more fun and eye-catching

In addition to decorating the classroom space, the inspiration behind how the Youth Branches laid out these decorations made  p an important part of their total score. These fascinating stories helped bring the readers closer to the community, not only to share and care more for each other but also to understand the message underlying each potted plant and flower. Hence, we can now know how to cherish the true beauty of nature.

Contest results are expected to be announced on Monday morning, March 27, 2023. Hopefully, after this contest, any students studying under the roof of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted will also participate in the “Tree-planting Tet” movement and learn to love the nature around us from the tiniest trees.

Translator: Trần Lê Tuệ Anh - English 1 2225