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Words of love for October 20th

Post by: trangtrang | 20/10/2019 | 157 reads

Victor Hugo - the great French novelist once praised: “Besides the sparkling light of the stars, there lives the soft and mysterious light of the woman's soul.”. Women are considered the ones who made half of the world. They are cherished and affectionately honored as “the fair sex”. In each place on earth, women have their own special beauty. We also have proud Vietnamese women, the mothers, the sisters who manage to excel both office and domestic tasks; who carry all four elements: cong (work), dung (visage), ngon (speech), hanh (morality); they are the embodiment of the “Three Obediences and Four Virtues”... Vietnamese women have always appeared in all family and national events. They are promoting their position in numerous various areas every day.

In order to pay tribute to our beloved women, on the occasion of Vietnamese Women’s Day October 20th, the teachers of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted have a few messages to send to the women teachers and schoolgirls:

“We wish all the teachers beauty, happiness and success in their work, wish the schoolgirls shall be prettier and achieve excellent academic results.” - Mr. Pham LE Huy, French Language teacher.

“I wish my female colleagues shall always be more and more beautiful, live their best lives and do their best jobs.” - Mr. Tran Van Ky, Maths teacher.

“On the occasion of October 20th, I wish our women teachers health, everlasting youth and flourishing work. Especially wish our female Amsers shall always be charming and get high results in their academic paths.” - Mr. Nguyen Van Manh, National Defense Education teacher.

Teacher Nguyen Van Manh

“On the occasion of Vietnamese Women’s Day, I would like to send to all women teachers, employees and students of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted my best wishes. Wish the women teachers, employees may always be youthful, beautiful, dynamic, creative, prosperous and happy in their lives.” - Mr. Nguyen Duc Nghia, History teacher.

In addition to the wishes and tributes from the men teachers, it will be such a pity not to mention the words of affection and appreciation that our male students want to give to the women teachers and schoolgirls in the event of October 20th:

“Today is October 20th, I would love to respectfully wish our women teachers happiness, beauty and success in not only work but also in life. I hope that in my senior years they will always be there next to me, considerately caring and guiding us to success. I also would love to wish all the girls health, grace, happiness and great scores.”- Le Quang Minh from 12 French 2, Representative of French Major.

“On this day, I want to pay my tribute to all the women teachers in the school. I hope you will always be cheerful, joyful and will forever be the beauty of the faculty. Alongside, I wish all the girls shall be more and more lovable, lively and gain many outstanding achievements in study.”- Le Thai Minh from 12 French 2, Talent Ambassador 2019.

Le Thai Minh

“I wish the women teachers happiness, beauty, health and success on Vietnamese Women’s Day. I hope that the smiles will always stay on the girls’ lips and that they will have excellent academic results”. - Nguyen Tuan Minh from 12 Maths 2, Former President of Glee Ams.

“On the occasion of October 20th, may I wish all Vietnamese women eternal youth and beauty, hope they will master both domestic and office affairs, have a lot of luck and achieve lots of success in life and at school. May I send to the girls, the women teachers my great, massive, gigantic love and appreciation, thank you all for always standing by me, together making the best days of my life at “where dreams begin”!”. - Le Hoang Khai from 12 Chemistry 2, top 10 Ams Ambassador 2019.

Le Hoang Khai

Above are the words of gratitude from the men teachers and male students of our school for all the women teachers and schoolgirls. This, unfortunately, might not be all messages from the men teachers and students but those are the sincere and profound words of love for our fair ladies.

On behalf of Ams Wide Web, wish the women teachers and schoolgirls shall always stay healthy, blithesome, gorgeous and that the smiles and the prosperity will never leave. As said in Hoang Khai’s wish, hope you will always be the mental support of us all. Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted undoubtedly would not be able to last and continue to write bright future pages in our book of history without the gorgeous ones who are passionate with their tasks and fulfill their duty every single day. A huge thanks to you all for being such a marvelous and wonderful part of the school.

Reporter: Le Ha Linh - 12 French 2

Translator: Minh Anh - 11 Russian-English