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A letter to our teacher

Post by: trangtrang | 12/11/2018 | 534 reads


Anytime I think about you, the image of a strong-willed and passionate teacher comes to my mind. A year being your student, albeit transient, remains invaluable to us in 10 Chinese of Year 17 - 20. As Vietnamese Teachers’ Day is coming close, we sincerely send you this letter as a way of showing our appreciation of all your past efforts and dedication.

Mr. Le Hoang Anh, former Physics teacher at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School

Hanoi, November 20th, 2018

Dear Mr. Hoang Anh!

I clearly pictured in my head my first Physics lesson as a high school student as a captivating and endearing one. You walked into our class and introduced yourself as the youngest teacher in our school, then you spent time interacting with us and listened attentively to all the goals we wanted to achieve in Physics for 10th grade. Although you were a young teacher, your burning passion and determination genuinely astonished us. Most of my classmates found Physics a challenging subject because we majored in social studies. However, every time there was a student having difficulty comprehending the lesson, you unfailingly reiterated the matter with patience and gave us a real-life example to make the lesson more understandable. As exam time drew close, you were worried about whether we would do well on the exam and did everything in your power to make sure we would attain good scores. I also had a vivid recollection of your benevolent smile while you advised us not to write “HN – Ams” but “Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for Gifted Students’’ as it showed our honour and pride towards our school. We would always treasure moments of us sharing with each other great songs and books. To us all, you were not only a teacher but also a family member, a true friend who always cared for us and guided us on our path of knowledge acquisition, helping us to mature in life.

There came an evening when you passed our class and announced that you were going overseas to study and regretted that you could not accompany us next year. You had outstandingly earned a doctoral scholarship to Korea University. We were heartbroken but at the same time delighted for your accomplishment and hoped that you would achieve notable success on your chosen path. During the time of parting, we ourselves promised to endeavour in following years so as not to disappoint you.

On the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day, I, on behalf of our class 10 Chinese year 17 - 20, wish you good health, happiness and that your smile is as broad as it is now. Either as a teacher or an overseas student, we hold the belief that you will always excel and finish your share of work brilliantly. Thank you for having been an amazing teacher. We will invariably support and wish you good luck on your path of becoming a Physics Doctor!

Author: Do Hanh Nhi – Chinese 1720

Translator: Dinh Khanh Linh - English 1 1821