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Post by: trangtrang | 12/07/2022 | 567 reads

“My motivation comes from failing and setting great goals.” Nguyen Thanh Hoai Anh, a student in the Manchester class of 1822 at the Hanoi - Amsterdam Secondary School shared. Thanks to that effort, in the entrance exam in October 2022, he achieved excellent results, becoming the third highest - scoring student in the IGCSE test, as well as being in the top 4 highest entrance points of the Physics classes. Ams Wide Web had the opportunity to chat and learn more about Hoai Anh!

Reporter: First of all, on behalf of the Ams Wide Web Editorial Board, I would like to thank you for accepting the interview and congratulate Hoai Anh's excellent results in the recent exam. When you received your test scores, how did you feel at that time?

Hoai Anh: Of course, I'm very happy. I'm also quite surprised because the Physics score exceeds my expectations. However, I didn’t think I would be in the top 3 or top 4, maybe a bit of luck too. After preparing for a long time, I think this result is worth the efforts of me as well as of the teachers, parents, and friends who have accompanied me in the past.

Nguyen Thanh Hoai Anh at the Graduation Ceremony of Secondary School

Reporter: It's not easy preparing for both IGCSE and Physics exam, how did you review and study to get such a high result?

Hoai Anh: I don't take extra lessons, but mainly study at home, so that I can actively arrange a suitable personal study plan. I often chose to study when my mind is most clear to easily absorb knowledge. Because the schedule for the IGCSE test and the Physics test is quite far apart, I focus on studying Physics first and then studying for IGCSE later. I took advantage of the time off from the epidemic to study the lectures and materials of my specialized team in 9th grade, and whatever type of exercises I "feared" the most, I focused on practicing those more. After practicing for many times, I had able to train my thinking as well as the correct method to do the test.

Reporter: People often say that the formula for “success” is “effort” plus “luck”. Is this true for Hoai Anh?

Hoai Anh: For me, that's completely true. To achieve any result, I think effort is a prerequisite to achieving any result. My motivation comes from failure and constantly setting high, even difficult, goals. I used to be disappointed when I only won 2nd place in the District Science Competition, but then I calmed down and found my mistakes so that next time, I won't repeat them again. Not only that, I always remind myself to dare to think, dare to dream "big dreams" and dare to challenge myself to find my limits. However, every dream needs a little luck to become true, and I feel happy that luck has smiled on me this year.

Reporter: When faced with these two options, can Hoai Anh reveal which classes you will choose and why?

Hoai Anh: Actually, I was quite hesitant when making the decision because I came from the Cambridge class and also had a lot of friends there. However, in the end, I think I will still wear the shirt of the Physics classes. Since 8th grade, I have had a special passion for Science because of its excitement, imagination and creativity. I want to continue pursuing the path of Physics. I will definitely find many new friends there, and a few - blocks distance will not be able to separate my old friendship since middle school

Hoai Anh with a passion for Science from an early age

Reporter: Do you remember any special memories on the day of the entrance exam? If you could send a few pieces of advice to the students of 2008 next year, what would you say?

Hoai Anh: I still remember the day of the Physics exam, I was late for the exam and forgot to bring water. After that, the volunteers enthusiastically helped me, took me to the exam room, and a parent even gave me a bottle of cold water. Thanks to that water bottle, I had energy to stay awake in the exam room. Thinking back, I still feel so grateful to everyone!

Therefore, I want to send a message to 2k8s: Although the entrance exam is difficult and challenging, there are always people willing to accompany and help them. As long as you are confident, calm, and try your best, the results will definitely be worth it!

Reporter: Thank you Hoai Anh for taking the time to participate in today's interview! I wish you a lot of success in the upcoming journey and have the most brilliant and memorable 1000 days in Ams during your high school years!

Reporter: Khong Minh Anh - Literature 2023

Photo: Provided by the interviewee

Translator: Nguyen Khanh Linh - English 2 2023