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Meet Do Khanh Hien (Chemistry 10-13), Foreign Trade University's D1 valedictorian

Post by: Mai Thành Sơn | 22/10/2013 | 5414 reads

In the latest university entrance exam, Do Khanh Hien (Chemistry 1 10-13) has remarkably become Foreign Trade University's D1 valedictorian with such an admirable score: 28/30 (Math: 9.5, English: 9, Literature: 9). Let’s interview this versatile Chemistry girl to know more about her study tips and personalities.

Hello, Do Khanh Hien! Congratulations on your excellent result in the recent university entrance! How did you feel upon hearing this incredible news?

I was really surprised, because I did not put too much pressure or high expectations on the grades when taking the college entrance exam, and also very happy.

How do people often comment about you?

My friends often tell me that I am a progressive person. I also see myself as ambitious and independent. Besides, I like to communicate with other people. I think I’m also pretty talkative (laugh).

Being a Chemistry-specialized student, what made you decide to choose English-Math-Literature classes over Natural Sciences ones?

Although I specialize in Chemistry, I really enjoy English and often spend time self-studying it because it is a basic subject for financial banking - my chosen career. To make use of my accumulated English proficiency, I chose this class so that I could spend less time revising English and more on other subjects.

In order to become the valedictorian, I’m sure you must have some special methods of learning. Can you share a few tips about how to revise and  what to do during the exam?

Actually my study method is not so special. For me, the most important thing when reviewing is to find out which part I did not fully understand, then I would spend more time practicing to fortify it. Most Amsers would find their basic understanding of the subjects in class. So at home, they should spend some time solving advanced questions. About 3 months before the exam, students should focus on doing sample tests not only to revise their knowledge but also to control their time when taking the exam. I believe that paying attention in class and doing sample tests regularly will ensure a decent score.

As for what to do during the exam, I usually do the easy questions first and then the more difficult ones. Also, calculations must be done carefully in order to save time.

Getting such a high score in all three subjects is not an easy task. Do you have to spend a lot of time studying? And how do you arrange your schedule?

Actually, my schedule is flexible. I only learn when I feel most comfortable. In my opinion, it is more necessary not to spend a lot of time studying but to study effectively and to highly concentrate, to ensure the mastery of every topic.

What do you usually do in your free time?

In my free time, I usually play the piano, listen to music, watch movies or surf the web to satisfy my hobbies such as fashions and idols. I also participate in charities and voluntary activities to help other people.

Khanh Hien (the second from the left)

Let's talk a little bit about your modern life! Attending university as the valedictorian, do you feel any pressure?

I think when entering university, everybody will be the same: there will be no differences between the valedictorian and other students. So I do not feel any pressure. Still, I will try my best to keep up my hard work.

What about in the future? Do you have any plans?

I will try to achieve greater goals. Moreover,  I will continue to participate in voluntary activities to help other people. And I hope that in the near future, I will be able to achieve my dream of studying abroad.

Thanks Khanh Hien for this interesting conversation. I wish you will realize your dream!

                                                                  Reporter: Mai Khanh (Lit 11-14)

                                                                  Translator: Duy Hiếu (Math 12-15)