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The lively Christmas spirit at Hanoi - Amsterdam High school for the Gifted

Post by: webams | 29/12/2023 | 376 reads

Joining the worldwide Christmas spirit, this year, Hanoi - Amsterdam High school for the Gifted once again put up a sparkly Christmas tree at the central hall. The colorful space became an ideal backdrop for Amsers to take pictures during these last days of the year.

The cozy atmosphere fills the air, signaling the upcoming Christmas season.

Every Christmas, the Christmas tree at the hall becomes a popular spot for students to take pictures.

Christmas is awaited by many Amsers, as it is not only an occasion to enjoy the holiday atmosphere, but also an opportunity to capture memorable moments with their loved ones.

"On these days, we always gather around the Christmas tree to take photos.”

The Christmas spirit at the Hanoi - Amsterdam High school for the Gifted these recent days has been really cozy and lively. The Ams Wide Web Editorial Board wishes you a merry Christmas with your loved ones!

Author: Trần Khánh Linh - Literature (‘22 - ‘25)

Photographer: Nguyễn Minh Quyên - Chemistry (‘22 - ‘25)

Translator: Lê Quỳnh Anh - (‘22 - ‘25)