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Amsers excited with the “A day as a Foreign Trade Student” experience

Post by: trangtrang | 11/12/2020 | 1173 reads

“A day as a Foreign Trade student" is a useful exchange and interactive program that Hanoi Foreign Trade University offers to seniors students of some high schools in Hanoi. Students participated in physical - intellectual enhancement activities, integrated with the training content of the University, to listen to the Board of Directors of Foreign Trade University sharing about the university's educational philosophy, learning methods, and soft skill development. More than thirty students from Hanoi Amsterdam High School for the Gifted attended and left good, meaningful impressions as well as equipped themselves with much information on deciding where to study at the university level.

Despite the stressful first semester exam, on Friday, December 11, 33 students from Hanoi Amsterdam High School for the Gifted were all eager to participate in the experience of “One day is Foreign Trade Student ”. After a short ride, the Amser arrived at the Foreign Trade University campus - where the festival was held and there were a lot of camps from the university's many training faculties along with lively activities. 

Amser lined up in two neat lines to enter the campus


Without having to wait any longer, the Amser had 45 minutes to explore the camps, enjoy many delicious foods, and immerse themselves in a variety of interactive games from Foreign Trade University’s students.

Two Amsers from 12 French 1 class are carefully looking through the menu at the Wrapping Camp

Amser were all fascinated with the Than Tai camp

After having explored the camps and revitalized themselves, the Amsers continued to participate in sports activities and socialize with other high school peers that were also invited by the Foreign Trade University to attend. 



According to the program's rule, Hanoi Amsterdam High school for the Gifted competed against Viet Duc High school in the throwing rings contest, and which team completed throwing 10 rings at the target with the least amount of time would be the winner. The Amser competed enthusiastically, showed the spirit of solidarity, and completed the contest excellently.


Next, the two Amser from the HAT club also brought an Art exchanging performance - the gentle and deep music had created a highlight in the vibrant, exciting atmosphere, leaving a good impression on the other students.


At the end of the “One day as a Foreign Trade student” program, the Amsers met and heard the Board of Directors of Hanoi Foreign Trade University introduce and share about the school’s philosophy, as well as learning methods, orientation on choosing the right University. At the same time, the Amsers also listened to the University’s students presenting their business idea in the Shark Camps start-up contest. From there, Amsers were allowed to cast their vote for the presentations.


The “One day as a Foreign Trade student” meeting and experience of over thirty Amser had ended safely and well, leaving many deep imprints. Certainly, some Amsers still regret not using the rest of the Fcoins to buy food as well as souvenirs and they probably still want to enjoy the festivity atmosphere at the Foreign Trade University. Besides, for most Amser that entered Foreign Trade University for the first time, this experience had been very helpful for them, helping the students gain more useful information and foster their dreams of becoming a student at Hanoi Foreign Trade University in the future. This is also a prestigious school and has had generations of successful Amser attend.


Teacher Nguyen Duc Nghia

Translator: Nguyen Khanh Linh - English 2023

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