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[HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018]: New year and studying abroad

Đưa lên bởi: trangtrang | 25/02/2018 | 1645 lượt xem

I left with my friends’ hugs and tears at the Final Round of NHAT 2017, and returned just after the end of the first end-of-semester exams, also with my friends’ hugs, but now with the brightest smiles. I returned, and celebrated the new year with Ams.

Transferred to Ams in the middle of 8th grade and flying to England when 10th grade ended, I did not experience a full four years of junior high school at Ams, nor did I have a full three years of high school. But to me, Ams is still home, still the place I always think about after the long flight, where I feel at peace when returning. At Ams, I had the best days of being myself in the arms of my friends.


Ha Noi in the last few days of the year seemed colder than usual with drizzly rain freezing my bones. But the cold couldn’t freeze the eagerness, the youthful expectations that I and my friends etched on our hearts. I decided to fly back to Vietnam for Tet holiday instead of staying at the beautiful Brighton because of that: I want to experience the New Year’s Eve with my closest friends, with Ams.

I returned to Ams when the end the first end-of-semester exams, when my friends were enthusiastically welcoming the new year with what seemed so new to me. My kind of Tet is the friends who stuck by my side during the 10th grade. My kind of Tet is the moments spent with relatives, is the wishes sent in the very first minutes, or seconds of New Year. My kind of Tet is only complete when spent with Ams, with friends I miss when far away from home.

Together, that is how I choose to celebrate the new year. Sooner or later, we will be separated from one another, one because of study, one because of work, one because of family issues, all preventing us from meeting up ever again. That’s why the moment we stay together is so precious, especially when we all bid the old year with bad lucks goodbye to greet a fresh start with so much anticipation.

2018 approaching means I’m saying goodbye to Ams and to my close friends in my pursuit of studying abroad. Then, I would conquer new lands and new skies. But in the end, I would return to this place. And Ams would forever greet me with open arms, giving me a tight hug. I ‘m leaving in Ams’ embrace, and I will return to its loving and affectionate embrace.

2018 is near. I hope that everyone, especially my beloved ones, will have a good year filled with fun and happiness. Wherever I may be, I would always remember this saying: “Once Amser, Forever Amser.” The memories at Ams forever lies in my heart, and follows me to all five continents.


Reporter: Nguyen Linh Chi - Literature 16-19

Photo: At Ams

Translator: Phan Hai Dang - English 1 15-18