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Teachers - the dreambuilders

Post by: trangtrang | 04/06/2020 | 419 reads

On June 3rd 2020, in the 200-seat Hall of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted earnestly held the Meeting of the Council of Education with the presence of all staff and teachers of the school. This was also a Council Meeting full of warmth and affection since on this day, Ams would be saying goodbye to the “captain” who has diligently led the dream boat of Ams to the lands of victory and the teachers who have tirelessly devoted their whole life to their beloved pupils.

At the beginning of the meeting, on behalf of the Board of Administration, Teacher Nguyen Dinh Vinh, Vice Principal of our school, made a preliminary review of the work from February to May and deployed the tasks of June and July. With the high spirits of, Hanoi - Amsterdam High school for the Gifted has well donen the task of preventing and fight the epidemic through delivering 8 timely and strict notices to all pupils, parents, staff and teachers of the school; while online teaching was carried out seriously, adhering to the plan of the Department of Education. The contents were planned and implemented comprehensively in order to prevent the epidemic and ensure safety when the pupils came back to school. In terms of teaching and professional activities, recently we have received very good news from the Informatics Team in the Contest for Excellent Students of Coastal Region: the 10th-graders got 3 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medals while the 11th-graders got 2 silver and 3 bronze medals. Along with that, in the work of class monitoring and other activities, the Board of Administration has promptly operated meetings of head teachers; online parent-teacher conferences; broadcasts on the Day of the Youth Union’s Establishment March 26th, Uncle Ho’s birthday May 19th; online reading day; Ams’ Cup - the traditional soccer tournament of the school, medical checks for all school pupils. The 9th and 12th grades are also preparing for the Tribute and Maturity Ceremony, the Made in 12 programme while the majors are preparing for NHAT (the Festival of Talents). Remarkably, on May 20th 2020, the school’s fifth Party Congress for 2020-2025 term was successfully organized and witnessed by Cau Giay District Party Committee.The Congress evaluated executing Congress Resolutions of term 2015-2020, ratified the Draft of New term’s Resolutions, elected 4 members of the Executive Committee: Mrs. Duong Tu Anh, Mrs. Bui Anh Duong, Mr. Bui Van Phuc, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Quang. Mrs. Bui Anh Duong, an enthusiastic young official, was elected as Party Comittee Vice Secretary.

Teacher Nguyen Dinh Vinh, Vice Principal, reading the Summary and Draft of Monthly work plan.

The whole hall settled in an emotional atmosphere when Mrs. Duong Tu Anh, Vice Principal of the school, on behalf of the teachers in the School Board of Administration, as well as all the teachers, staff and the students had an especially deep tribute speech for Mrs. Le Thi Oanh, former Party Committee Secretary, former Principal of the school who has spent 34 years - the most beautiful and meaningful years of youth when her whole intelligence and souls were devoted to the home of Hanoi - Amsterdam. Ams also had to say goodbye in this schoolyear to Teacher Dinh Hoang Ngan, the one who dedicated wholeheartedly to help generations of National English Teams gain the top prizes; Teacher Quach Van Giang - a teacher member of Mathematics - Informatics Unit who has completely placed his trust into Maths, raised to the heights of knowledge to bring the school sparkling medals in National and International Contests. On behalf of the Board of Education, Teacher Duong Tu Anh sincerely gave the teachers the freshest bouquets, showing deep gratitude.

The Board of Administration and School Union, on behalf of the Board of Education, respectfully handed the freshest bouquets to the teachers as a tribute.

The atmosphere got even more emotional when Teacher Le Thi Oanh sentimentally shared about the 3 decades she spent with Ams since she was a teacher standing on the podium with a black board and white chalks teaching students, to eventually realize a simple yet sacred: Ams is Home. She could not hide her happiness and sentiment when she witnessed the great progress, the miraculous transformation of Ams from awareness to action, where the impossible becomes possible, the seeming fantasy comes to life. 5 years ago, nobody had thought of intellectual property in a high school, nor did anyone dare to dream that students could achieve 78-79 International Medals or hundreds of National Awards a year or join in international intellectual playgrounds such as Astrophysics ... But all those wonders were actually actualized in Ams. And with endless efforts of Ams' generations of leaders and teachers, the school has been honored as a prestigious school - the dream of many generations of parents and also the choice of top universities in the world.

Teacher Le Thi Oanh - former Party Committee Secretary, former Principal of Hanoi - Amsterdam High school for the Gifted

We show our gratitude to Teacher Le Thi Oanh’s persistent faith in Hanoi-Amsterdam’s bright future and new pinnacle of achievements. We wish Teacher Le Thi Oanh, Teacher Dinh Hoang Ngan and Teacher Quach Van Giang good health and happiness. Ams is always our home and you are the devoted teachers who built up dreams and encouraged our aspirations to reach new heights.

Writer: Teacher Le Dung

Translator: Minh Anh - Russian - English 1821