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Post by: trangtrang | 30/01/2020 | 740 reads

At 10:15 am on January 18, 2020, the gala combined with the fair named "Xuan Viet 2020: Warm and loving" organized by students in grades 8 and 9 took place in the expectation of every store. Hundreds of students, parents as well as teachers.

As soon as the bell rang, students in grades 8 and 9 rushed out to set up their classrooms. The stalls sold a variety of products, from food, drinks, to books, accessories, pictures, ... From parents to students, all were eager to buy and invite customers. The atmosphere is extremely bustling and also very warm.

The stalls decorated, displayed beautiful products

In parallel with the activities of the fair is the exchange gala and arts organized by the Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted.

Opening the cultural exchange program is the song "Listen to the spring", performed by Ha Chi students. Following the solo song of the 8D girl is the English duet from 9D class, with the song "Stay".

Ha Chi, a student of grade 8D, opened the program with the song "Listen Spring" with extremely powerful voice.

In particular, the 9A member stirred the atmosphere at the A-B hall with a confident and humorous performance style. The song "Going to Return" has been interestingly modified by me with vivid side effects and personality. This is an extremely suitable opportunity for 9th grade students to retain the happy memories of beautiful secondary school time. Following the interesting repertoire above is also an equally interesting repertoire from the 8A member. With confidence and flexible movements, she successfully attracted love as well as support from the audience with the dance cover of the song "Psycho".

The special "Psycho" of 8A student

In addition to the unique and fun music performances, the students also participated in the prize quiz section with extremely attractive gifts. Following the quiz category was the last performance of the gala, performed by Cao Thien Nhan, class 8B.

At the end of the performances and quiz, students in grades 8 and 9 can participate in the gameshow prepared by the organizers. With interesting and difficult games, BTC has stirred up the atmosphere and brought laughter to the students.

Fun game prepared by BTC

The program ended with secret gifts for the classes on the occasion of Tet to spring. Xuan Viet 2020 is not only a place for exchanging between middle and high school students and teachers but also an opportunity to create beautiful and memorable memories. At this time, everyone is in the same heartbeat waiting for a peaceful New Year, a happy new year. New year has come, I wish the teachers and teachers a happy and prosperous new year, wishing the students more and more progress and development in the future!

Reporter: Thai Minh Anh - Chinese-English 1821

Photo: Chuc Khanh Linh - Manchester 1822

Translator: Doan The Vinh - English 1 1821